Pain in the Oilfield…

I decided to come out of “blogging retirement” to make this important post for those of you who are interested in hotshot trucking.

The best I can tell you is this… now is not the time to start a hotshot business, it is not the time to become a hotshot driver.  You can thank the bottom dropping out of oil for this problem.

I’ve been keeping pretty close tabs on the situation since I live in an oil dependent economy, and the businesses I used to haul for on a regular basis are either closed down or have cut back so much that they have only a skeleton crew left working.  It’s horrible, and the people in this area who relied on the industry for their livelihoods have lost their jobs, their standard of living, and are struggling to find work elsewhere.

Those few still working in the industry are worried for their jobs as more cuts seem to be on the horizon.

It’s not good news, but that’s all I know for now.  Maybe things will improve soon, we can all hope they will.


4 thoughts on “Pain in the Oilfield…

  1. SMBurns I really appreciate the advice since I was looking into hot shotting next year. Would you suggest I wait until the oil industry starts to turnaround? Hopefully oil prices will rise soon causing the oil industry to grow again.

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