A Little Info…

This collection of blog posts chronicles several years of my ups and downs in starting, operating, and ultimately retiring from an independent hotshotting company.  Believe me when I say I don’t mince words, but just tell it like it is,  or was…

I’ve cleared out all of the non-trucking topics to clean things up for all of you hotshot trucking enthusiasts.  In the event that there is anyone out there with an interest in my non-trucking posts, I’ve consolidated and moved them all to my project blog which can be found at…  https://noidlehandshere.wordpress.com/

Thanks for stopping in, and please feel welcome to make comments or ask questions; I generally stop by at least once a week myself to answer any questions.





2 thoughts on “A Little Info…

  1. Are you still in the Hotshot business? I am looking to get started as it looks like the oilfield is picking back up here in Texas. I love your blog and hope that I can get your advice and feedback on starting with a 8ft x 12ft flatbed 1 ton dually without a trailer. Thanks in advance for any info. Have a good one.

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