Cruisin’ Through the Spring…

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything, and apparently I’ve just been cruisin’ right on through the spring without giving how fast time passed a second thought!

Now that I’m out of the “biz” and being a homebody I kind of tend to lose track of time.  Not being on a tight schedule is pretty nice I must admit, and I’m definitely not regretful about cutting myself free from the hotshot roller-coaster… and I feel a lot better inside and out for having made the break!

I’ve been occupying myself lately with a lot of metal detecting and some gardening, and of course, housework and making supper on a more or less regular schedule for good old BB, and can truly say I don’t really miss the road.

Except for one specific event that I’m missing this year, the blooming of the Dogwood trees in southeastern Oklahoma.  I definitely do miss that!

Maybe that means a non-business just-for-fun road trip is in my near future.  But this time I’ll have to “make” BB go along for the ride.  I may even let him drive… it’s easier to enjoy the scenery that-a-way…


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