We’re Gettin’ the Hang of It…

It’s always fun learning new stuff (OK, maybe fun isn’t the word) but my friend and dispatcher/office manager/girl Friday B and I are starting to finally get the hang of it…

Running a trucking terminal, that is.

It helped immensely that yesterday the corporate safety man came up to our little terminal and walked us through a lot of things that the other corporate guys who have been up forgot or omitted from their on-site lesson plans. And now we have a lot better understanding of how things like paperwork should be done so we can get properly paid for all this work.

Not that we’re drawing any checks any time soon, since our terminal runs on commissions. And until we start moving trucks on a regular schedule those commissions are going to be little dribs & drabs, so we try to have at least one good laugh every day about how we’re working for nothing right now. (If we don’t have a good laugh we might both burst into tears… naw, neither of us is the boo-hooing type…)

I’m finally getting fairly comfortable explaining the equipment lease program to our potential owner/operators. There are so many details to it that I have to get it right. When someone comes out to hear about it I feel a big responsibility to explain it clearly, to be able to answer any questions they may have, and to be able to stop and start again without getting lost. I’m getting there.

On the practical operations side of things, we figured out the computer program for booking loads, and after piddling around on the practice side of it for a while, we were able to book our first load without a hitch.

It’s starting to feel natural answering the phones with our new business name instead of the old ones, and we’re getting along great working together. (We decided Capricorns and Scorpios are compatible workmates and neither one of us has developed any annoying habits that drive the other one crazy yet… at least B hasn’t, and unless she’s just refraining from hollering, “Stop that!” at me, apparently I haven’t either…)

So we’re having fun, well, as much as you can have working 8-12 hours a day unpaid anyway, and starting to feel like we’re at our normal jobs instead of in uncharted territory, and we’re already trying to figure out how to politely but firmly convince BB that he needs to move his office (which is just one wall of the one we all share) into our residence so we can quit tripping over each other trying to get to the coffee in the mornings….

In other words, what was pretty scary and new is already getting to be the “normal” for us. And that’s just fine with me, I’m not so sad to think I’ll soon be too busy here to do much driving anymore. Which, I suppose means that things are working out and the future looks pretty good from where we’re at now.

Gotta love that…


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