Shakin’ Them Trees…

Now that I have trucks in my fleet that are ready to roll, it’s my primary job to hustle up work to keep my people busy and happy. And that’s what I did all day today, I was out there shakin’ them trees. You know, the ones the loads grow on.

I started out the morning with a renewed sense of stubborn optimism that something had to give, some way, some how.. that, and a visit planned to a handful of potential customers. So I got myself looking relatively professional and decent, made sure I smelled good but not too girly-good, gathered up my notes, paperwork, and business cards, and got moving.

Unlike last week’s visits, today every visit I made was actually received very well and I think some good progress was made. Cards were handed out, paperwork was left where it needed to be, hands got properly shaken (good firm handshakes, not those icky floppy weak fishy girly kind of handshakes, by the way) and I went back to the office about lunchtime thinking we might have some load booking action happening today.

And, lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened. I had gone out with the full intention of waking the sleeping giant (our customer base) and by the time I got back we had loads scheduled for both of the trucks that were ready to run.

Aaaaamazin’! Not only that, but we managed to get all of the proper info into the proper part of the computerized system on the first try getting things set up.

What a new feeling after the “hurry up and wait” frustration of the past few weeks… real progress, and a little taste of success. Just a nibble, I know, but it’s pretty tasty stuff.

And I think I like it!


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