Growin’ Pains…

I remember having growin’ pains as a kid.

Since I got my height all at the same time one summer between my 12th and 13th years, I had plenty of the above, and not just in a social/emotional sense, but in a very real physical way. Sometimes it just hurts to grow, and the faster you grow, the more it hurts.

It’s kinda like that in business too, I’m learning, or maybe being reminded since I actually did know that before now. The past couple of months have blazed by so fast it’s just about made my head spin, and there’s been some real pain involved in just trying to keep up with the changes that just keep on coming.

But then again, maybe that’s a good sign of better things to come. I’m taking it that way, anyway…

The past week has been a pretty good example of all the odd stuff that happens when you’re expanding a business. We had three trucks sitting and waiting for their first loads. To be specific, it was a 3/4 ton hotshot pickup, a 1-ton truck and 40′ trailer, and my truck, the 2-ton.

Well, my friend/dispatcher “B” and I racked our brains and scoured the loads in our network trying to get at the very least the hotshot and the 1-ton loaded. I wasn’t as worried about putting a load on my truck, (not that I don’t want to run, I just want my guys to run first!) so we were really looking for something to get our guys rolling with.

An ice-breaker load for each of them, you might say…

Well, B found one for the 3/4 ton. Oh happy day!

So we went into a flurry of activity and ended up booking the load. Only trouble was, to our dismay, when we called with the happy news, our 3/4 ton driver was stuck sitting in the middle of a dental appointment and couldn’t just hop up and take it, so we tried with the 1-ton driver… Then we noticed there might be a problem with the timing of the load.

Not good!

With that issue, the 1-ton driver didn’t want the load, and that left me with 2 options, turn the load back or figure out how to take it and resolve the problem with the darned thing.

At any rate, I didn’t want to risk getting a bad rep right out of the box by turning it back, so needless to say, (or maybe not since you don’t know what I know) I ended up resolving the problem and taking the load myself. And I guess I pretty much took one for the team by getting a great for a 3/4 ton but not-so-great load for a 2-ton load delivered anyway…

To make things more frustrating, the load was going into a very heavy volume lane for hotshot loads and everyone said “Oh, you can get a load coming back out of there, no problem!” Someone even said how smart I was to take that load due to the great reloads available down there…


Maybe not so much, as the only load coming out of there yesterday while I was on my way back was about 4 hours too late for me to even think about as I was already halfway home when B. found it. And that was after I hung around and dragged my feet, made a Starbucks stop, and generally killed time (and ate up some of my 14 hour clock) down yonder hoping something would become available before I had to leave so I could still make it home without going over time on my log.

What’s a girl to do? Or rather two girls in this case… Well, we had a good laugh over it, it was either that or just have a good cry, and apparently neither of us is the crying type.

To top off the bad part of the week, one of the trucks we were trying to get signed ended up not getting signed due to unforeseen problems, so we won’t be getting that extra set of wheels this week. And probably not for quite a while yet, and that’s only if he wants to try again later on. That was disappointing for me and the truck owner both.

On the good side, while down there in hotshot land I did get to meet up briefly with one of the hotshot owner/ops I’ve been learning a lot of good information from via the internet, and he was just as nice as could be. He took a half an hour out of his busy day just to take a break at a truckstop near where I was sitting and waiting to see if I could get a return load booked and we had a good visit. I learned a lot more about how things work in his part of the universe, which = valuable info I can pass along to my guys so they’ll know more about what to expect when they run down that-a-way.

At any rate, it was a busy week even though we didn’t get much accomplished that actually put coinage in our pockets. What we did accomplish was making more contacts, learning the new system, and fine-tuning the office so it works for both of us pretty efficiently now. And we have a big truck halfway signed, which will do wonders for our bottom line once he’s up and rolling.

So it was an up and down type of week overall, but I guess if we’re moving forward in even little steps we’re still at least heading in the right direction.

That’s all I’ve got today…


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