It’s time to start the newest chapter in this business, which is a little scary but really not so much. Or maybe I should say, if I had any sense at all I might be scared, but anyway, it’s just new… and new can be a little daunting.

Or maybe it’s just all the hard work I’m seeing ahead that has me spooked, after all, I’m a naturally lazy person who has to fight that nature and keep pushing myself to do what I need to get done. Sort of a self-forced self-starter. Honestly I’d probably be content to sit around all day with my feet up eating bon-bons, if I could figure out exactly what they are and where to get them….


The trouble with that is getting old and fat before my time, both of which I absolutely refuse to do. So push, push, push, work, work, work, it is. My theory is that if it doesn’t keep me slim and young, at least I’ll be too tired to care.

Anyway I’m dancing all around the main subject, which is the fact that I’m officially an Acme Truck Lines, Inc. leased owner/operator now, and on top of that I’m also the terminal manager at the brand spankin’ new Duncan Terminal.

2013-07-05 15.54.39

That seems like a lot on my plate, and like most other ventures I’ve stumbled into, I don’t have a clue where this will take me, but I’m always up for a new adventure.

Now, I’ve been working on this deal for about a month and a half or so and it’s taking a while to get everything put together, but aside from the mountains of paperwork involved, the hardest part of the project is getting other owner/operators to lease their equipment.

And understandably so. I’m sure there are a lot of folks out there who have the trucks & trailers and are managing to scrape by running independent, and a handful that are really staying steadily busy and raking in the business, and that sort of independence is hard to give up.

But then again, I’m also pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who want better access to the well-paying oilfield loads, and like me, would get on board if they knew the opportunity was there.

So I guess this is not only a post, but another way for me to get the word out there, if you’re in the Duncan, OK area and have a truck & trailer, or tractor-trailer setup you want to put to work, shoot me an email!

( )

Alright, no more advertising, it’s about time I get back to work and stop goofing off…. see what I mean?


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