I’m A’Frayed Knot…

Here I was all set to have a work-free weekend… but Noooooo, the first thing I did yesterday was to assess what we needed in the office to get things properly set up, then it was off to the races to get the needed items.

So I ended up spending the day hunting down a filing cabinet (the last one on the shelf at our local Wally-World,) an actual office chair, folders, hanging folders, push pins, a bulletin board, and all the other little odds and ends I figured we couldn’t do without.  I actually remembered to get paper clips too.  Gonna need those for sure!

I had a little bit of a challenge since our laundry is in the “office” and it didn’t look so spiffy (or professional) just hanging all out there, so I also picked up a cheapo drill (all the real tools are on BB’s service van and the van was with him on an all-day job) and a couple of patterned sheets.  I found just the right size pieces of lumber to make a sort of extended curtain frame, and viola’, the laundry is now neatly tucked away and not so obnoxious looking.

All I’m missing now is a table/desk for myself, which my friends (and soon to be co-workers) apparently have and will be bringing over.

I did manage to get the dispatch desk set up, a table under the fax machine, the white boards hung on the wall to track our trucks, and the files sorted and a system at least pretty well started for finding them again when we need them.

Oh, and the coffee station!  Gotta have that!  And now we do…

All of this makes me really thankful that I have a load booked for the end of the week so I can escape the office at least one last time.  I’m not sure how this transition from the road to the little office next door is going to go, but I’m hoping to adjust even if it takes time.  And maybe I won’t have to do too much adjusting and I’ll get to keep doing some driving… but that all remains to be seen.

My biggest challenge seems to be in finding owner operators who want to lease to us.  Before I took this plunge I’d bet I got two to three calls a week from guys looking to put their trucks to work.  Since I started actually advertising for trucks, the calls have slowed down and at this point I have only two prospective owners ready to sign (once they’re approved by the head office, that is… and I’m hoping like crazy they pass muster or I’ll be in trouble…)

But overall, this weekend has just been an extension of last week, all work and no play.  Bah.  Maybe today I’ll leave the office door closed, go get fuel for the mower, and just ride off into the sunset on the noisy thing.  Or at least around the yard… the grass is pretty high and looks downright dreadful.  It’s even worse since the neighbor mowed yesterday and his looks so tidy.

Yeah.  So I better quit yapping and get busy, daylight’s a’wastin’.



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