Another Week in the Books…

When an old dog has to learn new tricks, it can get a little grumpy when a whole stack of new tricks appear on it’s desk just as the most recent new trick is being absorbed and learned.

And I say this from personal experience, being the old dog that I am, learning a whole bag of new tricks.

Overall, I managed to keep my cool even though at a couple of points during the week my head felt like it wanted to explode and by Wednesday I had a killer headache that didn’t leave me until sometime this morning… but happily enough, I survived it all and have my feet up relaxing now that the week is officially over.

It’s a huge transition for me going from a mobile, free-wheeling job to a desk job in sixty seconds flat, but that’s the choice I made (I guess) unless I actually do get to break out of the office once in a while hauling a little load here or there.

Which, happily, I get to do at the end of next week with a load already booked…

And I’ve never been all that fond of office work…

Hence the new tricks.  And the learning.

I do have to admit that it’s not difficult work though, I mean, I’ve worked a whole lot harder tying some goofy looking equipment down on the truck with big old chains and boomers in 110 degree weather sweating my tail off in very unladylike fashion, so this sitting in an air conditioned office answering phones and messing with the computer is a walk in the park physically.

Mentally, well, that’s another story.

I’m working on my phone skills, and reminding myself that I have to talk nice to everyone involved, even if I just stapled my finger to a stack of paperwork, and that shouting out obscenities in the office is a big NO NO.  I can get away with it in the truck since I usually roll with windows up and stereo on, so nobody cares anyway if I drop some naughty words when someone cuts me off in traffic…. but yeah, I have some adjusting to do.


So I’m just glad I didn’t screw anything up too badly this week and more glad that the week is over.  It’s officially in the books!


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