Workin’ Like a Bad Dog…

I’m not sure how hard a bad dog has to work, but I’m guessing I’ve been working at least that hard the past few days on this new adventure / business venture.  And it’s actually been kind of fun.

There are a thousand brand new things to learn and the new rules that must be adhered to, not to mention all the little details that go into just getting the office set up and functional.  Today the new landline and fax went in, thank goodness, and I was able to put out a couple of fires by getting paperwork off and sent to the proper folks who have been waiting on it.

Which means I also tracked down a suitable fax machine, just a plain old fax (plain paper though) and not one of those infernal “all in one” rigs that seem to last half an hour then one or more of the “alls” they’re supposed to do don’t any more…

And I also managed to find a decent phone for that landline, one that you can actually plant on your shoulder while talking.  Nothing against cell phones, but they don’t stay put and we won’t be using them for our primary line anyway.

Since I’m doing this as much on the cheap as humanly possible, at least to get us started and until we see if it will be a profitable venture, my better half BB tracked us down a big old metal desk, and it’s one that’s been around long enough that while scrubbing it down and getting it ready to use, I actually, honest to gosh, found an 8 cent Eisenhower postage stamp in the bottom of the thing.  Oh, and a mouse nest in one of the upper drawers.  Needless to say the entire thing got taken apart and disinfected…

In between all that stuff I made a visit to one of my customers and got them up to date on the changes that are coming, and thankfully they’re still going to be my customer.  Gotta absolutely love your customers and treat them right!

And I fired off an update to my now-higher-ups just to let them know what I’ve actually been up to here, since I’d rather keep them informed than have them trying to track me down for a progress report.

Which brings me to where I am now, finally with a few minutes to just relax and rest my tired tootsies, and to catch y’all up on my recent goings-on…  which also means it’s time for me to post this and get some much needed sleep to hit the road running first thing in the morning.  So, goodnight!


2 thoughts on “Workin’ Like a Bad Dog…

    • It never hurts to take a second, third, and even more looks if there’s anything you don’t get on the first few tries. The business will still be there when you’re fully informed and ready. 😀

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