Here We Go Again, So Get Ready… Roadcheck 2013, June 4-6

It’s baaaaaccccckkkkk!

Get out the cleaning supplies, tools, and whatever else you need to spiffy things up for the annual and much-anticipated truck-stopping frenzy event we all know and love…  No, it’s not Truckers on Parade…  Yes, it’s Roadcheck time again already!

I thought I’d give everyone a little bit of an early heads-up just in case you’ve been out there running like a bad dog and forgot all about it…

Uhm…  That’s all I’ve got.


6 thoughts on “Here We Go Again, So Get Ready… Roadcheck 2013, June 4-6

  1. Hello, my husband has been hotshotting about 10 months in Texas, mostly west and south Texas. What is the truck stop frenzy all about and where??

  2. Brandi, I’m not sure what you’re talking about… do you have anything else that might help me out on this cause I’m a real bad guesser… 😀

    • You posted yesterday that next week is a annual truck check, I took that as hotshot tees getting pulled over for inspection?? So, my question is, is that just in Oklahoma or Texas also?? Sorry about that

  3. Oh! Duh on me, don’t be sorry, I was having one of those moments… Ok, yes, it’s a nation-wide program that the DOT does every year. Everybody gets pulled over, hotshots and big trucks too. The DOT will inspect the holy heck out of you and either give you a nice new sticker if you pass or a not so nice ticket if you don’t.

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