Easy Wheelin’… and Droppin’ my Gs…

Once in a great while I have a load that just goes perfectly.  All easy wheelin’.   No stress, no rush, no traffic, no problems.  Kind of a “Bob Marley Run” type of load.  I had one yesterday/today.

After the sticker shock of TaxWeek, and all of the stressful stuff in the news, and the stress of not having anything booked that was paying on the truck for the past couple of weeks, finally, on Friday I got THE CALL for a little load going to my  all-time favorite destination, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

I don’t know why I love Hot Springs so much, it’s just a few miles shorter of a trip than Houston, but for some reason it’s so much less of a pain in the neck.  Maybe it’s the lack of interstate high-speed jostling for position type driving, or maybe it’s because I get to cross my favorite part of my adopted state (the mountainous portion of it) and dip down into swampy cypress country to get there.

Maybe it’s the Starbucks just up the road that has a drive-through that actually is wide enough for my truck to fit through it.

Or maybe it’s just the fact that Hot Springs has some bigger city amenities than my little home-base, but still has a more relaxed, small town feel to it.  Then again I guess it is a small town…

Either way, yesterday’s trip over was actually fun, relaxing, and provided me with great spring scenery.

If you’ve never seen wild dogwood trees sprinkled in with all of the green of the bigger, leafier trees, you’re missing something no human should go without seeing.  I love, love, love those dogwoods with their little white flowers peeking out of the edge of a lush green forest…

Maybe it’s also the fact that Hot Springs is the one place I can check into a motel and actually feel comfortable enough to really sleep well.  I stay at the same place whenever I come over, and usually get put in the same room, so it’s almost like a home away from home.  And they actually remember me from trip to trip, which in my anonymous business of jetting around to so many different places is kinda nice.

Anyway, it’s nice to be back to earning instead of spending, and it’s nice to be over here in Hot Springs.

I’m likin’ it.

I got my delivery made early this morning, snagged a good cup of coffee, and am just about as content as can be hanging out here at the motel until it’s time to head over to Hobby Lobby, then I’ll head home again.

Now if they’ll just send me back over here in a few days with somethin’ else,  I’ll be extra-happy!


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