Lookin’ on the Brighter Side…

After revisiting my dreary whining post from yesterday, (which got my negativity out and now I feel better) I thought I’d do another post lookin’ on the brighter side of the very things I whined about yesterday…

Remember, I was crying about April being a slow month, loads I thought I had booked vanishing, and ponying up and paying the Tax Man…

Well, on the brighter side, since April has been slow, I’ve had a lot of good home time.

I got the truck cleaned up good, nice and neat inside and shiny on the outside and ready to roll when the next load does come through.

2013-04-05 16.59.19

I’ve also done some crafty stuff, which I didn’t have time to mess with earlier in the year when things were busier.  I got one afghan finished and another one started, ripped it out as it wasn’t quite right and started it over again, figured out the pattern and have a good bit of it finished now.

2013-04-10 17.57.47  2013-04-10 17.58.562013-04-13 08.11.22

BB also got the wiring in the house just about done, which means the ductwork goes in next, then we’re on the home stretch and may soon actually get to live in it.

There’s nothing I can think of besides good home time about loads appearing and disappearing, so I’ll skip that and go straight to the tax issues…  Oh, wait, there is an up side… that’s the fact that our operating cash is still sitting in reserve for the next good load that comes along…

Now, the TAX MAN…  The bottom line there is that actually owing taxes and writing out that check on Monday (yes, I’m holding off until I absolutely HAVE to write it) is a big deal, the meaning of which is the fact that the business made a clear profit in 2012.

Which also means that we’re doing something right, as a lot of businesses never reach the profitability level needed to owe taxes to start with.  So in truth, I’m kinda proud we reached this milestone even though I still don’t like forking over the $$ to the Tax Man, but that’s just my obstinate streak.  Still, we’ll do it since it’s a) THE LAW and b) It’s just the right thing to do…

So even though yesterday I was moody and glum, today I’m feeling optimistic, happier about the future of this little business, more relaxed now that I got everything off my chest, and pretty happy overall with our progress.

I’ll tell ya, sometimes you have to go through a little bleak-ness to find the silver lining on those stormclouds, but I’m tryin’ anyway…


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