Slow Month, Iffy Loads, and the Infernal Tax Man…

If January made me crazy this year, then I have to confess it was nothing compared to the pressures of April.

Ugh!  Did I say April sucks?  Well, it does.

So far this month I’ve had exactly two loads.  That’s it.  And when work is that slow, my anxiety levels skyrocket since bills and other stuff still have to be paid, even if the “accounts receivable” folder is plumb empty.  Which it is right now…

I had two potential loads dangled in front of my mulish nose like tempting carrots last week and I bit hard at both of them.  One wasn’t ready to roll, the other was evidently intended to be a “consolation” load that never happened.  So I didn’t get either one once it was all said and done.

It’s no fun to try for a good bite and come back with a mouthful of nothing.  I mean, seriously…

Now I’ve got a really good sounding long, 2-leg trip on the radar and I’m just crossing my fingers that this one will fly for next week. If it  goes up in a puff of smoke like the other two, I’m not sure that I won’t just throw myself on the floor and indulge in a full-blown temper-tantrum worth of any cranky three-year old.

Throwing a fit won’t help, I know, but it might make me feel better (even though I’m sure BB and the critters might be alarmed since this is not my normal MO) to just go ahead and have a good loud cry and do some mad kicking and just get it out of my system…

Because of the disappearing loads, this week has been a total failure unless you count thousands upon thousands of crochet stitches completed as being a success.  I suppose it would be if that was my ultimate goal, to be a power-crocheter.  As it stands, my goal is to be a relatively busy and profitable hotshotter, so I’m going to go ahead and call it a “fail.”

To add to my misery, along with iffy loads, this is also tax time.  Which means plumb broke time for BB and I, unless the sky opens up and pours down work upon us, which it hasn’t.  So while you’re gritting your teeth writing out those checks to the IRS and the State Tax Commission, just know you’re not alone.  We’ll be gritting right there along with ya.

It’s just about enough to make me want to cancel the last half of the month.  That’s when I get the bill for this year’s apportioned tags, as if all of the above wasn’t enough to deal with.

Good grief…

Okay then, I suppose I”m done whining over “April Showers” considering that it’s been as depressing around here as all gloomy skies and rain the entire month would have been, but I reserve the right to do a little more whining later if we don’t end up with some cheerful “May Flowers” once this stupid, stupid month is over!


2 thoughts on “Slow Month, Iffy Loads, and the Infernal Tax Man…

  1. From the rates they had posted when I was starting out for little trucks, I’m better off conserving my operating cash nest egg and waiting for a real hotshot load. It costs me .61 per mile to run, which means at low loadboard rates, I’d “make” .49-.59 a mile, if that. Oh, and then there’s their “subscription fee…” You also have to think about while out there hauling those cheap loads, you’re racking up IFTA taxes as you roll.

    IMHO it’s better to wait a few more days for a good load and not put any unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment that isn’t making a good profit. There are just too many reasons not to run on the cheap, including the fact that when folks do it, rates stay low. Breaking even is not profiting, and when I run, I run at a profit (or I wouldn’t owe taxes, I’d be doing it for fun as a hobby according to the IRS…)

    Besides, once in a while I just feel like whining! Don’t go bursting my bubble 😛

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