Think Before You Leap

Getting into any form of business requires a ton of thought, research, study, preparation, and before anyone takes that leap, they really need to make sure they have all of the available information to make that decision wisely.  They also have to have a bankroll sufficient for start-up costs, equipment, and operating cash for a specific start-up period which can be from six months to one year.

Hotshotting is no different in that regard than any other business.

It’s a case of really needing to understand the business and the available potential customers in a particular area.  What type of equipment will be needed to fit the potential customer is important too, and knowing what that equipment should cost is also necessary.  Without that critical information, the odds of running a profitable business are pretty low.

The whole reason I started this blog was because when I first started researching hotshot trucking, there was very little information available.  It’s a closed-mouth type of industry, where competition is stiff and the old timers keep their cards close to their vests.  I think I’ve done a reasonably good job of chronicling my start-up mistakes and snafu’s, as well as explaining the different parts of the start-up process.  Which is not to say that I’ve covered it all A to Z, but if I keep going with it I may eventually get there too.

So before you go leaping anywhichway into hotshotting, please, please take the time to do your research and get the facts.  It’s a tough business to get into (have I said that before?) and it’s a sporadic business to be in (I think I’ve said that too…) and without a full understanding of the whys and hows, a newbie hotshot is just a little snack for the big dogs out there who can and will gobble them up.

If you’re just starting your research, I highly recommend that you pick through the past posts on my blog and get familiar with the various phases of the process.  It doesn’t hurt to do a lot of googling around for any other information you can find, but with the caveat that there are a couple of sites out there that are self-serving and are run by folks who “hire or lease” hotshots… and I’ve not heard good things about them from others who know them.

So be cautious, be skeptical, and be thorough before you take any leaps, if you get my drift.

If you want to be successful in any business you have to know that business inside and out.  Hotshotting is exactly the same, and without that essential understanding, the odds of success are nil.



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