Send Me South!

Here’s a little weather update for south central Oklahoma… It’s raining here, icing just north of us, and thunderstorming south of us…

If you call me today with a load, please, Send Me South!

Now those of you who follow my blog probably already understand my relationship with driving on ice.  If you’re a new reader, I’ll enlighten you…

On my first ever hotshot run with a big load on my old 40′ trailer, I hit black ice out east of Denver and jackknifed the whole shebang.

It cost me a new truck door, a trailer repair, and a lot of personal embarrassment, having driven on ice and snow safely and consistently for over 30 years before the little smuck-up occurred.  It knocked my sassy attitude about driving in all weather right the heck out of me.  I’ve recovered some of my sassiness since then, but then again, I don’t go out of my way to try and get even with ice either.  That’s an exercise in futility, and not worth my time or aggravation.

These days when I see blue and purple colors on the Wunder-Map Radar screen, I tend to stay put or head away from the stuff post-haste.  I don’t see a thing wrong with adding 100 miles to  a given run in order to skirt that particular danger zone, and better yet, I just stay as far away from the slippery stuff as I possibly can.

The way I see it, there’s no amount of cash that makes trying to ice skate on rubber tires worth messing around with.  And call me a sissy if you want to, I’m just not doin’ it unless it sneaks up on me and gets me when I’m out and about already.  That slip-sliding around is not a game I want to play anymore.

Which is a little strange considering I used to enjoy driving in the stuff, but then again maybe it’s not.  There’s a huge difference in sliding around on snowy-icy stuff in a squad car on night shift in a little colder than a Witches Teat burg where the walk home or back to the station is maybe, 2 miles tops, and getting stranded out on a dark, slippery highway a hundred miles from everything.

Either way the whole idea has lost its appeal for me.  Maybe it’s a side effect of getting old.  Which is OK since getting old means I’ve successfully avoided getting killed driving on the stuff, if you get my drift…

So I’ll just hang out here where it’s toasty, watch the rain outside, keep one eye on the icy stuff north of us, the other on the thunderstorms on the other side, and play it by ear if that call to run comes in.

And if that call does come, if the load ain’t goin’ south, I’m stayin’ put.


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