Laugh of the Day…

I’m pretty tired after listening to an unhappy couple argue at the motel I stayed at last night, which caused me to do without enough sleep, and I must get a nap pretty soon, but I couldn’t resist posting my personal laugh of the day.

On my way back from Claremore, OK this morning, I noticed a sign on I-40 I had never noticed before, even though I’ve put a few miles in traipsing back and forth through that area.

At exit 262, the road name is… wait for it… Lotawatah Road.   The funny part is that this road runs around the east side of the north end of Lake Eufala, which holds, yep, a lot of water.

Seeing this caused me to suffer from a severe laughing fit for at least two or three miles, and it’s still pretty funny now, even hours later.

(Bahahahahahaha,) hm, sorry…

and you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that Lotawatah is not an actual Native American word!  Someone had a sense of humor naming that road, which we could all use a whole lot more of these days.

Anyway, I kid you not, and here is the proof…


Picture courtesy of Scott Nazelrod,

I was not quick enough to catch my own pic but this nice gentleman has one posted on wikipedia that he allows to be shared.  Thanks Scott!


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