Poised and Ready to Strike…

Well, my two loads turned into one load, but it’s a very good one.  At least from my personal perspective, it’s always great to get a load that goes to a less familiar area, which means that I get the chance to see some less often viewed scenery.

And today was one of my favorite types of working days.

Now, I’ve been through Mississippi before, a few times on various runs, but I haven’t really ever stopped near Vicksburg for any longer than it took to visit the rest area just inside the border and then get back on my way.

This particular load is going to Vicksburg, and is scheduled for delivery first thing in the morning, so today I just sort of mosey-d on over this way via Arkansas and the northeast corner of Louisiana.  It was pretty interesting, and really was an enjoyable and un-rushed drive for a nice change.

Today’s highlight was seeing this strange leafless tree in Mer Rouge, Louisiana, that was entirely covered with huge pink flowers.  Considering the fact that nothing is blooming in my part of Oklahoma in February, that was pretty neat.  There were other smaller blooming things to admire along the way too, some nice shrubs with red flowers all over them, and it was really nice to see some green stuff too.  We’ve been so dry in Oklahoma that it’s pretty brown and dull, so getting to see green grass and big green magnolia trees was a treat.

As an added bonus the truck liked running today at the lower altitude (I guess, it seems to do better the lower we go) and my fuel mileage stayed above 18 mpg most of the day.

Which brings me to where I’m at now, about half an hour from my delivery point, snug in a clean motel, and I guess you could say that I’m poised and ready to strike… or at least ready to get this freight delivered and complete this run.

I’ll stick to interstate heading home to save time, but before I leave Mississippi I’ve got one stop I want to make, at some little fruit stand/gift shop/cafe combo place just up the road from where I’m making my delivery in the morning.  I’m on a mission to find a particular Mississippi treat to take home, and I’ll let you know next time if I could find it or not…

Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Poised and Ready to Strike…

  1. I’m from Louisiana and just found your site, that tree you were talking about we call a tulip tree. I’m about an hour and a half south of Mer Rouge. We have lots of those trees around here and this is the time of year that they bloom.

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