I’ve Got Ants in My Pants

I’ve got ants in my pants.

No, not literally, the ants around here are still hanging out underground waiting for warmer days.  But I do have the urge to get moving, get busy, get in that truck, and get going.

I always get this antsy feeling when I have loads scheduled but they’re not quite ready to pick up yet.  And it’s maddening!

To help myself out once I do get in the truck and rolling, I usually try to dampen my antsi-ness by looking over maps, both road maps and aerial views of my destinations, potential interesting stops along the route such as motels, Starbucks, and good places to see something interesting if time permits on the way home, and generally getting myself familiar with unfamiliar areas I’m getting ready to go into.

The Starbucks are sort of important to me. I’m definitely a coffee drinker.  No cola, no water bottles, no other beverages interest me.  I just want a big hot cup of nice coffee to sip on while I’m rolling down the road.  And Starbucks is pretty yummy stuff, even if they are pretty danged pricey.

Now, there’s this thing about Starbucks that I don’t understand.

They have the world’s tiniest parking lots and skinniest drive-throughs.  When I find one that will accommodate my truck, I actually take the time to save the coordinates so I can find it again if I ever make it back to that particular spot.  The other ones, well, I just park as close as I can and hike  up for my Venti No-Fat Classic Latte.  And once in a while I indulge in one of their baked goodies too, usually if I’m in need of breakfast.

What I’d like to know is why you have to learn to speak a new language to order a big cup of coffee at these Starbucks joints.  It took me quite a while just to figure  out how to properly tell them what I want, and now I can’t order anything else!  I guess I’ve been trained…

I will say that I haven’t seen a Starbucks yet with a dirty store or dirty restrooms.  Which makes them much more appealing as a place for me to stop along my route than, say, some truck stop that has day old nasty coffee and even nastier facilities… And I haven’t been hassled by some rude, fat old fool, or had anyone trying to hit me up for “gas money”  at any one of the dozens of Starbucks I’ve stopped at, while I can’t say the same about truck stops, I’m just sayin’…

At any rate, and back to the original topic, I am antsy waiting on two new loads, and don’t have all of the details as yet, so maybe I’ll get news this morning that will clear up all of the mystery for me and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to get out there and start getting them done soon!  I sure hope so, cause I sure am antsy.

Dang ants!


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