Staying Busy…

I should technically be washing my dishes and finishing my laundry, neither of which, obviously, I’m doing at the moment.  But when the urge to write strikes, it’s best to answer it or it will bug me all afternoon and intrude into whatever level of concentration I’m applying to whatever else I should be doing.

Just so you know, I did already do two loads of laundry this morning and vacuumed the place, as well as taking business calls and scheduling two loads (not laundry, the paying kind), made a pair of earrings to go with the necklace I made last night, (yes, I dabble in jewelery making and knitting and crocheting, they’re good for my nerves…) took the truck to town and fueled it up, had lunch with BB at a little Mexican place, then came home and got the dishes soaking, so I’m not just being a slug.

Happily though, business has been good, and even though I’m afraid to say it, (knock on wood) it’s been steady!

I’ve already completed seven loads this month, and have two more scheduled for this weekend and Monday.  Yeah!  Last year I believe I had a grand total of four trips in January.  This is much better…

And… That translates into cash in the bank, and, let me tell you, that’s a great feeling.  Especially in this business that is usually either feast or famine, and the famine generally drains the bank account down to nothin’ before the feasting resumes.

On a completely different note, I’m really jazzed up this year since I managed to get back to my normal fighting weight.  BB hauled off my fat pants to charity, and I finished stripping all of the left-over fat clothes out of the closet today.  Let’s just say I didn’t think I was nearly as fat as the tags in those old clothes say I was, and I’m down not one, not two, not even three sizes, but *Tadaa!* I’ve actually dropped four entire sizes over the past six months.

Not only do I look better, I really feel a whole lot more energetic, less self-conscious, and generally more like seeing t-shirt weather return than I was this time last year.

So the moral of this story is… dang, I don’t know, maybe just stay busy if and while you can!



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