Who Opened the Gate and Let Stupid Out???

What is going on today on the highways I ask?  Who opened the gate and let stupid out anyway?

On my way home today I counted probably the highest number ever of absolutely clueless, distracted, and completely oblivious drivers.  I counted them because I had to dodge them to make it home.

There were at least half a dozen ‘I’m busy on the cell phone” stupids, three “I think I’ll just suddenly pull out in front of a truck moving 70 miles per hour and poke along like they’re on an open road” stupids, more than a dozen “I’ll just drive up your tailpipe” stupids, at least four “I’m gonna cut clean across 4 lanes of traffic in rush hour to catch my exit” stupids, and another handful of “I’ll just do a little daydreaming while I’m cruising along a busy highway and not pay attention to my surroundings and take up the better part of two lanes at the same time” stupids.

Like I said, somebody opened that gate, now whoever you are, would you please go close it before any more escape?  I’d appreciate it as I have to get back out on the road at midnight.


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