January… The Biggest Bummer of Months

I hate January.

Particularly the first half of January when everything seems to stop and freeze in place.

As usual, not a thing is moving with my customers and business probably won’t kick into gear until the middle or end of the month.  Don’t ask me why this happens, cause I don’t know.  All I do know is that it does, and it’s awful.

In the meantime, since there’s nothing to haul, I’ve been cleaning up and fixing issues my poor old laptop has had for a while now, which means I’ve been fighting with stupid add-ons, cleaning up files, deleting unused programs, and generally beating my head on a brick wall waiting for all of that to get done.

And ignoring housework.  Which I’ve gotten better at over the years.  I can actually leave my dishes in the sink for almost an entire day without feeling too guilty, which reminds me I need to go wash up in the kitchen as soon as I’m finished here.   I’m usually pretty good about not leaving dishes overnight, but this week I did, and now I’m feeling bad about it.

Another down side to down weeks.  If I had a load booked, those dishes would be done and put away already, my bag would be packed and ready to go, and there would be a fresh pot of coffee brewing for the thermos…

But not today!

Maybe business will revive itself by next week.  I sure hope so, anyway.



2 thoughts on “January… The Biggest Bummer of Months

  1. I had a stack of math papers which I didn’t want to grade so was checking some the hot shot sites. I sometimes do this when I want to escape from the classroom. About seven years ago I took a run at hot shot trucking working for Ainsworth Trucking in Robstown for about 8 months. I had a Ford F650 with a 40 ft. goose neck. I probably would have stuck with it longer but I had a used truck which had a lot of problems and I missed the classroom. Previously to trucking I had taught 9 years at Austin Community College.
    I enjoyed trucking but wasn’t making the money that I had planned.
    I read a few of your posts and enjoyed them very much. You seem to have a gift for writing. If possible I would like to be notified of future posts.
    Have you ever given any thought to compiling the posts into a book?

    Terry Cassady
    Mathematics Instructor
    Burnet High School

    • Hi Terry,

      Thank you for your kind words! It’s funny, I’m a hotshot who would really like to be an archaeologist when I grow up but my truck is running great and I can’t quit until it does, which should be about the time I hit retirement age… And I know what you mean about the money in trucking, it’s always much better sounding before you get into it than it is once you’re behind the wheel.

      I think if you scroll to the upper right side of the page and hit the “Follow” button it will notify you via email of new posts.

      I’ve started and not finished more books on more subjects than I care to admit, but probably will continue to be too lazy to devote the time and effort necessary to actually finishing one in this lifetime anyway. For now this is probably the best I can muster up… 😀

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