Tie Up the Loose Ends and Start All Over Again…

It’s that time of year, the end of the old and the start of the new.  Which, in this business, means tying up all of the paperwork and loose ends from 2012 and gearing up for 2013.

The first big challenge was getting my IFTA tax report filled out correctly and ready to go in the mail.  The second was remembering to date the check for said 4th quarter IFTA taxes correctly, as in 1/2/2013… not 1/2/2012.

Those hurdles cleanly jumped, I got on through the rest of my paperwork and got my filing cabinet cleaned up and ready for the huge amount of work I am absolutely certain is coming my way in this new year.

Or maybe not huge amount, but hopefully at least respectable amount of work, but either way, I’m ready for it.

A quick run-down on last year put me in a big tizzy last night.  As it turns out, I hauled just around 60 individual loads in 2012.  I was actually surprised it was that many, as I felt like I did a whole more lot of sitting than averaging a load a week.  I guess that’s why averages and raw numbers seem goofy sometimes.  But it’s true, I did better than I thought considering all of the down time I spent so much time here whining about last year.

Now, about 60 loads might not seem like much to folks who are leased and run from one end of the continent to the other on a regular basis, but for a little independent operation like mine, that’s fairly respectable.  Particularly when not one of those loads was a low paying junk load.

So overall, we met our goal in 2012 of doing better than we did in 2011.

Still, at the end of the year I seem to get the indecisive blues, and yesterday was no exception.  I seriously had to take a hard look at keeping this venture going vs. selling out and getting a real job.

Luckily for me, I cleared enough profit to make this a viable part-time venture, (comparable to any more than decent-paying part-time job with the bonus of getting to see some scenery and not sitting inside a stuffy office all day dealing with a micro-managing boss) so I guess I’ll keep the truck running for another year.

As a bonus, this morning when I got on the scale I found out that I broke the 30 pound weight loss goal I had set for myself last summer.  Which put me in an even better mood even though it has not a thing to do with hotshotting or the business.  Except that I’m happier now than I was last summer, maybe…

So that’s the year end run-down around this hacienda, and about this time next year we’ll do this all over again.


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