A Good Hotshotting Week

Things are picking up around here work-wise.  And I’m pretty glad they are!

This afternoon I’ll be picking up  my second load for the week, which puts me right where I want to be, running 2-4 days a week.  This load will require my trailer, which is a little bit different these days as most of the loads I’ve had recently have been truck only jobs.

I’m not complaining!  I am spoiled though, and I have to admit it.

The only real negative to hauling the new 20′ trailer is having to park and walk a little way to get coffee refills, since most parking lots at Starbucks and McDonalds don’t allow for trailer turn around room.  Other than that, it’s pretty easy, especially when I think back to when I hauled the old 40′ trailer all over the place.

Now that thing could be a challenge to even get into some truck stop parking lots, and some of the loads I had on it put me at 12 or 13 feet high, so I had to keep an eye out for trees and such as well when on small streets and side-roads.

Not so much with the 20′.  My current customers don’t seem to feel the need to load me that high, or very heavy either.  Most of the things I haul these days are either on little pallets or in bundles that never get much higher than a couple of feet, and no more than a few thousand pounds.  I’m glad on both counts as it makes my life a little less complicated and my delivery runs a little less nerve-wracking.

I haven’t had a load on that shifted on me, haven’t had a strap bust, and haven’t had a white-knuckle drive due to crazy big loads in a long, long time.

Which makes me a little more appreciative for the nice little loads I do get these days.

It hasn’t been all that long ago that I was standing out in a blinding rainstorm with lightening striking all over the place tying down a full 4o’ trailer full of truck beds that I had to haul down to south Texas for roughly half of what my current jobs pay.

Yep, I’m thankful.  And it’s already been a good hotshotting week.



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