Strange Mojo and Gettin’ on Down the Road

I’m glad to be back to work, finally!

The two weeks before the election (which I shall never mention again after this post) were dead, dead, dead, and left me with far too much time on my hands.  So far this week I’ve had one load down south, and I’ll be re-tracing nearly the same route again in the morning.

But an odd thing happened somewhere between me leaving my driveway and getting back home. I’ll call it strange mojo, just because I’m not sure what else to call it.

BB was out just walking around the truck this evening, and happened to notice a piece of threaded rod imbedded in one of my rear tires (thankfully just under the surface skin in the valley of the tread) and managed to pull it out and inspect the damage.  Fortunately, it’s not a tire-killer and didn’t get past that outer skin… however… it’s a little odd trying to figure out how it got in there.

BB has a theory that it might have been put there intentionally under the tire with the intent to get it jabbed in there to cause a flat, considering the strange placement and angle of it.  But I’m really hoping it was just a freak incident… after all, I do drive through some places that have a lot of fabrication going on…

Either way, you can bet your backside I’ll be doing extra-special walk-arounds before getting in the truck if I have to leave it out of my sight, anywhere.  The thought that anyone would intentionally do that is a little creepy, frankly.

Then too, if I pick something like that up in a loading area, I should be catching it before I leave anyway when I do a quick walk-around checking to see if everything is the way it should be and all my stuff is stowed.

But… if it was intentional, that means someone just tried to ruin a nearly new, very expensive tire, and that they had some reason to want me stuck on the side of the road with a flat, which should get anyone who would do that a real good, sound thumping if you ask me…

Anyway, I’m extremely happy that BB saw the thing before any real damage was done.

Now on to a more fun topic…

In what usually turns out for me to be cheap entertainment because it never goes exactly as it should, (and it was just as entertaining today, ) I got the Random UA call.  (For those uninitiated, we get randomly drawn from a pool of owner/operators for random drug and alcohol testing per the Fed’s rules.)

Now, I thought I had drank enough coffee on my way back north to float a boat in, but the nurse was a little snippy with me over my stingy “output” let’s just say.

She told me I should drink less coffee and more water.  Bossy thing.

At least I didn’t have the UA nightmare I had in trucking school when they called me right after lunch (and my lunchtime trip to the ladies room) when I had to sit at the testing site chugging water for nearly two hours just to get up enough moisture to do the darned test.

To make things even more fun, while waiting to do the UA, I noticed my medical card had to be renewed TODAY, so I had to run home, drink a lot of water to get through my second UA of the day (yes, that’s part of the medical card physical) then go back into town to the quick-clinic to get it renewed.

They were pretty nice to do that part first, since I was sort of water-logged at that point.  At any rate, the water sure did the trick, and nobody complained at the second UA of the day about a lack of testing specimen volume,  but I’ll probably be up half the night now too… and I have to get up and rolling extra-early.

Some days you just can’t win.  And I suppose some days it doesn’t matter too much since it’s nothing critical you can’t win at anyway.

Other than that, things are at least picking up some, my paperwork and gear are all ready for tomorrow’s load, and I’m just glad to be gettin’ on down the road again in the morning.




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