An Excruciatingly Slow Week, But Good Timing?

I suppose if I had to have a big nothing week work-wise, this was the week I needed it.

Not that I needed to miss out on working, but with my cold in full swing and housework piling up due to said cold (I swear it’s not just my inherent laziness) I guess I can look at this work-less week as good timing.

I can try to, anyway, even if it is aggravating and painful on the bank account.

As I’ve lamented on many prior occasions, the one thing hotshotting is not, is steady work.  Ever.  It’s either total feast or near total famine.  There’s just no middle ground.

So, what I have managed to do this week is catch up the laundry, but my “yesterday” dishes are still in the sink.  I’ll have to get to those here shortly, since I really can’t stand to see them just languishing there every time I fetch a coffee refill…

Other than laundry, I did finally remember to water the Blue Salvia plant in the driveway circle, it was looking distinctly wilted yesterday.  I also refilled the cat pond while I had the hose out.  And did work a little on the interior of the B-II.  It’s finally clean inside and ready for the rest of the parts we ordered to be installed when they get here.

Oh, and I’ve given each and every one of our multitude of cats and our little dog lots of attention too, there’s been a steady rotation of critters hopping up on my lap all week long.

Aside from that little bit of domestic tidying up and critter petting, I’ve pretty much slacked off on everything else.

My list of to do things today looks like this… Clean the house.  Send back wrong parts.

That’s it.

Yes, we got two wrong parts delivered for the B-II that have to go back.  My bad, I ordered them incorrectly, which means I get the pain in the neck of getting them ready to go back.  One, the UPS guy will come get, the other I’ll have to slog into town and ship myself.

That should teach me to read the parts descriptions more carefully… but it probably won’t if I’m honest about it.

On the up side of the ledger this week, BB entered a local drawing and actually won a prize, a little pumpkin shaped candy dish full of Tootsie Rolls, (which neither of us will eat) and a little cash.  I swear, he’s got to be the luckiest person I know.

Also on the up side, we didn’t have either a hurricane or a blizzard here this week, so I’m not going to get too grumpy about the lack of work.

Things could definitely be worse.


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