Ode to Houston Traffic…

Today started out so nice.  I got out well before the sun even decided to get itself out of bed, and was loaded and headed south when it’s alarm finally went off.

I just had a run to do to Houston, and was rolling right along, ahead of schedule, and that was even after stopping for fuel and a Starbucks about 100 miles south of the hacienda.

Much to my surprise, Ft. Worth traffic wasn’t hideous, it was a little slow on the north side but opened up after a few miles, and the rest of the way to the outskirts of Houston was pretty much stress-free.

And then I got within 30 miles of my delivery location and everything came to a screeching halt.  Well, not quite a halt, more like a slow, bumpy limp.  It ultimately took me two hours just to get that last 30 miles driven and my delivery made.

Now, most places I drive to and through have certain hours when traffic is bad, then it’s pretty much clear sailing.  Some don’t have traffic at all, to speak of anyway, nothing that really slows you down.

But Houston has the oddest traffic and stop light patterns of any city I’ve had the fun to drive in, except perhaps Chicago… but that’s an entirely different type of misery.

I’ve noted after making quite a few trips down here that Houston has fairly heavy traffic all day long.  Not as heavy as their rush hours, but still heavy enough to make crossing town a real time consuming event.  By all rights, when I was 30 miles away at 2:00, I should have been done and going off duty by 2:45 at the very latest.

That is not what happened.

It was 4:18 according to my phone call log when I made the call to my shipper to let them know their delivery was completed.  And it was after 5 when I finally got to my strategically chosen motel that puts me exactly 3 miles away from my morning pickup location.

I would think I was some kind of weirdo traffic masochist for actually liking driving around here if it wasn’t so entertaining.

Where else can you watch a rat fall out of a car and slide across the pavement, or have a car next to you in the left turn lane suddenly shoot out across your bow making an unannounced right turn while running a red light and blazing across 3 lanes of cross-traffic?

Nowhere I can think of.

Yeah, I love putting along in Houston from one stop light to the next, and taking in all the sights… So Houston traffic, here’s to you.


One thought on “Ode to Houston Traffic…

  1. this was funny Sue…I grew up in Houston, but hadn’t been through I-10 in about 15 years. It is something to get stuck in traffic in a F350 pulling a 36ft flatbed. People look at you like you are an alien or something. Thankful my husband used to drive big truck years ago, so he was able to handle it. It is a trip for sure…

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