Odd Things People Haul…

Just about any hotshot will tell you about having hauled some strange items in their career.  And if you are observant as you’re out there motoring along, you can see some very strange stuff.

One of the maybe not strange, but definitely out of the normal type of things I got to haul was a little oilfield pump that someone had wrecked, and they did a pretty good job of it, by the way, as you can see in the pictures below…


Another oddball load I had was, well, some sort of metering rig, I think for natural gas… but I’m not real sure.   Maybe you can identify what it actually is.

We did a little local job moving a pricey industrial saw last year.  BB helped me out on this one and seemed to enjoy figuring out how to tie the thing down.  We did make use of those anchor shackles I haul around and that cost just about their weight in gold.  I’ve used them a total of twice now as things that require them are fairly rare.  The other load I used them on was four natural gas tanks, the round ones with Mickey Mouse-like ears.  Unfortunately I don’t have pics of that load… but I do remember that the night before I was scheduled to deliver it, I was in a motel in Greenbriar, AR, and a big old earthquake shook me wide awake.

Some of the strange things I’ve seen being hauled out on the road were a wrecked Cessna plane, a not-wrecked at all mini- helicopter, and my personal favorite, a little Tonka dump truck centered on the back of a big step-deck semi-trailer.


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