Jinx, Jinx, Double Jinx… DANG!

Well, so much for not jinxing work by posting about it.  I just had to go and spout off about how nice it was to have a good balance between work and home, and…

…probably as a direct result of my daring to tempt fate, I’ve been home now since I posted that little missive.

At least this time it worked out well on the home-front, being work-less, I mean, since my parents actually got to come down for a very long awaited visit!   We spent all week together and I never had to jump up and run, say, to Midland or Houston, so at least my jinxing gave me the time off to really enjoy their being here.

But on the other side of that coin, the work side, things are still at a complete standstill.  Which is a little worrisome, considering the fact that my obligation to pay bills is not at a standstill.  I strongly suspect that things will continue to be extremely slow until the Blasted Election is over and we at least know which way things are going to go.

So now I’m bored, and seriously regretting jinxing myself.

I guess I’ll have to find something to amuse myself with while the phone is not ringing.

Dad left me a book on knot tying, which should keep me enthralled for at least the next month trying to figure out how to do a Spanish something-or-other knot without tangling my fingers up in it, considering it’s the basic starting point for most of the other knots in the book.

And I already (successfully on the 1st try!) replaced my old laptop keyboard so I can continue posting random thoughts as they pop into my head without the keys popping off of the keyboard (which was the reason for the replacement in the first place.)

Which they probably will (pop into my head, not off the keyboard) as long as my head stays attached to the rest of me, but I think I’ve already worn out this little random thought…

…so on that note, I guess I’ll go dig up my leather lacing and see how long it takes me to figure this knot thing out.

But man, I wish someone would call with a load!


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