Shush… There is Such a Thing as Balance… But Don’t Jinx It!

Amazingly enough something resembling balance between home and work has just happened around this hacienda.  I don’t want to jinx it but I have to report it.  It’s just so rare!

As you already know if you keep up with this bunch of strung-together-reports on life as a hotshot driver, it’s mostly ups and downs.

Well, the last month was all ups, with me running like a bad dog and having almost no home time, until last week…

And that’s when balance seemed to magically happen.  I had home time and work time in roughly equal portions.  Amazing!

For the past week it’s been nice to have a couple of very good loads, but also to have time to keep the laundry done, get the house clean for company that is coming, and just to have time (not depressing, ‘I sure wish someone would call with work’ time) to actually relax and enjoy a little of the fruits of our labors.

We even went out to lunch last week and BB picked up some badly needed new clothes.  That was really a treat.

So, like I say, not to jinx it, (here, knock on wood and toss some salt over the left shoulder) but it’s really nice.

And I’m appreciating every minute of it.



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