The Long and Bumpy Road… May Have Just Been Paved

It’s been a long and bumpy road (or if you’re the literal type like me, many long, bumpy roads) to get to the point we have just reached.  We finally hit a smooth stretch of good, straight highway.

My definition of smooth going (more or less) is getting as much work from my all-time favorite customer as I can possibly get done, with the promise of more work to come, and with no predetermined end to this stream of work in sight.

This is the deal I’ve been working on since the beginning of the year, and it’s finally panned out.  It means I’m more or less staying busy 5-6 days a week, and getting decent compensation for the time I’m out there dragging or hauling things around.

And it also means no more stressful, crappy, too-heavy, or too low-paying loads.  (Knock on wood…)


Now, I’m a realist if I’m anything at all, so I know in the world of business things can and do change on short or no notice.  Anything could happen… The economy could get worse, there could be changes that put a halt to the work we’re getting, or the Mayans could be right and the world might come to an abrupt end on the 21st of December…

Which means I’m not putting exactly all of our eggs in this one basket…  but… that said, things look good now and for the near future, and it’s a pretty good basket to be putting quite a few of our eggs in.

I’m still taking loads from other brokers when and where they fit into the schedule, but I have the luxury now of turning down loads that don’t measure up.  That’s a new and very nice option.

The past couple of weeks have completely turned the business around, for which I am exceedingly grateful.  For a change, we’re experiencing an upward trend, which both BB and I are busting our backsides to keep going.

All of the above basically means I’ve been running like a bad dog (or a crazy woman) hauling as much as fast as humanly and legally possible, and that BB’s been my 24/7 on-call emergency mechanic/rescuer in addition to his own normal business activities.  (Thankfully I’ve only had to call him out once.)

It looks like this will continue indefinitely, which in turn means that by the end of this year, we may actually realize enough of a profit to actually owe taxes on the business end of things come April 2013.

Anyone who has done business start-ups of any flavor knows that’s a huge milestone.  Most small businesses take several years to cross that particular threshold, and a whole lot of them fail before they ever get there.

So the happy news is this… after almost two years of scraping, scrimping, and just squeaking by for the most part, this little adventure is finally starting to pay off nicely.

And I’m thrilled.  Tickled pink.  Pretty danged happy.  And feeling particularly blessed.

Need I say more?


4 thoughts on “The Long and Bumpy Road… May Have Just Been Paved

  1. I am really happy for you. I have gone through to three startups in the restaurant and landcscape business so I fully undersatnd where you are coming from. I spent 16 years in the restaurant business before before realizing I nolonger wanted to be in the employee business. Baby sitting 32 people wore me out plus ruined my love for the business. I have decieded with the help of reading your experiences and those of others on other sites i want this to be my next adventure. I used to drive a semi years ago for UPS and still have my CDL with all endorsments. I am spending this time researcing equipment types, load types, laws, regs and everything involved in preparing a new startup. I am temped to shuttle my landscape my business now and move to hot shotting but I am waiting till after the first of the year to get the election out of the way.Your sucess is a little luck, and a lot patience, hard work and guts.I look forward to meeting you down the road one day.

  2. I know what you mean about the babysitting thing… I had that fun experience about 20 years ago and would never have employees again. I don’t have the personality for it.

    I think waiting out the election is a good plan. No telling what rules will be in effect until that is over with.

    And thanks, yes, it’s been a pretty interesting experience getting this up and running. I don’t count it a success just yet, but this new development sure is encouraging!

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