The Hotshot Roller Coaster of Life

To all of you aspiring hotshots out there, be forewarned that this profession entails ups and downs on a regular basis.  There is no even keel in hotshotting.

For example, I started out the new year with a bang.  Four consecutive trips in a week or so.  Then I sat, biting my fingernails waiting for the next load to materialize.

February was s l o w  a s  a  s n a i l  work-wise, and March picked back up with several decent, but widely spaced loads.

Now, in the second week of April, I’ve just had the best batch of loads ever and ran seven out of ten days.  All were very nicely paying loads, and all went very well.

And now, although I had a heads-up on a possible great load that might have been on my truck yesterday, it has as yet not materialized.

As it turns out, this sort of up and down existence is working for me.  Not that I don’t break out in a cold sweat after about 4 days with no work, but I am learning to make productive use of my down time by having a big old kitchen garden, putting down flea and tick treatment on the yard, combing and grooming a herd of cats and one little dog, and by doing some long neglected household chores.

But to be honest, I’d rather be working and earning more income.  I suppose that’s the Capricorn tendencies in my personality showing.  But really, it’s all good.  If you can stand it….



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