Eating Crow, Yum, Yum, Yum…..

Last week I took the truck in to the local Dodge house to get my axle seal repaired, as you probably remember if you’re following this blog.  And expected to really feel the pain.  And did plenty of pre-repair-whining about how long it takes them to fix things, etc….  And now I’m eating crow.  Yum.

What actually happened was a little different, and quite unexpected.  And it made my whining last week look pretty lame considering.  So munch, munch, eating crow I am.  Yum.

Now, repairs make me insane to start with.  And stressing out over lost business really makes my insanity even worse…. soooo….

For a change I decided to just let things take their course.

I sat home biting my tongue minding my own business, distracting myself keeping busy doing other things, and trying my best not to get stressed out over being broke down and unavailable should one of my customers call with a load.  I vowed not to call the shop, not to get involved, and above all, not to lose my temper with any of the guys at the shop no matter what.

Yes, I’ve done that before.  And it was too stressful for me, BB, and the Dodge house guys.  I vowed to never again show my bad side like that, and so far I’ve kept that vow.

Instead, I asked BB to take care of the repairs and generally oversee the whole miserable process.  I made that request because, more than a little bit, it’s still a man’s world in certain arenas, and mechanic shops are one of those last bastions of good ol’ boy-edness.  I’ve had my share of dealings with repair shops, and I’ve also had my share of being treated like an interloper, an unwanted, unappreciated evil of doing business.  It’s just a true fact that guys like to talk motors and starters and axles with men.  Not so much with wo-men.  Especially not with stressed out trucking business owner wo-men who want their trucks up and running NOW.  And I can sympathize, I don’t think I’d want to either…

At any rate, I decided not to beat my own head on that particular rock and made myself scarce while the truck was in the shop.

BB took care of everything, kept in contact with the mechanics, stopped in periodically and checked on the progress.  And a miracle happened.

As it turns out, the Dodge house mechanic found that the problem was a manufacturing defect on the axle sleeve meaning the axle had to be replaced.  They could have changed out the seal and sent me down the road, but I’d have been back when the new seal started leaking just like the old one.

As a result, Dodge picked up the entire repair under warranty (the truck is out of warranty mileage-wise) and even refunded my parts money that I put down last week.

All I can say about this is that it was the most positive truck repair experience I’ve had to date, I wasn’t half as stressed as I could have been, the down time in total (aside from waiting on parts but the truck was still drivable) was just over 3 days, and that was over Easter weekend, so no work was lost waiting, and they picked up the entire tab.

What more could a girl ask for?


2 thoughts on “Eating Crow, Yum, Yum, Yum…..

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