Hurry Up And Wait… Again

Just like clockwork… well, not anything like clockwork actually, the local Dodge house has once again agreed to work on my truck.

Lucky me.

Let me say up front these guys do good work, but they are just slower than Molasses in January.  A very cold January.  Frozen Molasses.  They don’t seem to comprehend the problem I have in not being able to drive my truck.  For some reason they don’t get that the days I sit waiting on them cost me exponentially in income, public relations, and sanity.

But they’re unfortunately my only reasonable option for having work done on my truck.  Nobody else within 90 miles or so will mess with it.  Actually the closest option is 90 miles away, at El Reno.

So we’re stuck together in this weird symbiotic dance where they tell me little sweet nothings about when it will be fixed, and I fork over the cash when they finally do get around to fixing it.  And I stress out from the moment I know there’s a problem that requires a mechanic until the truck is back in my hands and I’ve seen with my own eyes that the repair has been done.

I don’t think we particularly like each other very much but apparently we do need each other.  It’s sorta sick.

The original plan was to get it into, and out of, the shop on Friday if at all possible.  I was to be notified by phone to bring the truck in when they figured out when they could work on it.

Of course, that was apparently not at all possible as nobody from the dealership called me at all on Friday.

So here I sit, waiting and out of commission until they decide to pick up the phone and let me know when it’s my turn to get in for my repairs.  Now Monday is the target day.  If this goes anything like the last repair they did, I’ll probably be out of work and out of luck until at least Thursday.

In case you don’t remember, last time they had to special overnight in the tool needed to do the job and it was over a week I was sitting and waiting.  Lord above, I hope they have the tools for this repair!

I would think by now I would be used to expect to be delayed days longer than necessary due to someone else not having their act together enough to be straight up about their ability to get me in to have the work done when I need it, or honest enough to just tell me they can’t get me in until xx date if that’s the case.

I know, it’s asking too much to think they might actually get the work done quickly, even though they won’t feel a bit badly about charging me out the butt premium prices for the labor once they do decide to get it done.

Gaaaa!  It’s maddening.



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