I’m Gonna be Optimistic if it Kills Me…

Well, I had my whiny day yesterday and today I’m trying out a new attitude.  I’m going to be utterly optimistic and proceed into this new year with high hopes…  Even if it does me in.

If you’ve read more than a few of my posts, you probably have already correctly deduced that I’m plagued with highs and lows.  Probably not any more than most “normal” folks, but I do have my ups and downs.  This is not to say I’m suffering from mental issues (other than being a little goofy some days to start with) but I suppose, like most folks, I tend to see and focus in on the things that bug me and miss the things that don’t.

Now, I also have an aversion to making new year resolutions, having a pitiful track record for never keeping those I did make in the past any longer than it took me to come up with them in the first place.

Meaning I probably made them simply to assuage my guilty conscience for enjoying things I’m not supposed to, like caffeine, nicotine, and sugar.  At my age, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m not dedicated to making that type of changes, or I would have worked at doing so in the past, which I obviously did not do.

So this is not a declaration of that sort, but it is a reminder to me not to be constantly grumpy when things are slow or just don’t go my way.

Which brings me to the reason for this post in the first place.  After crying all over the place yesterday knotted up with self-induced worry, I got up this morning and started thinking about how well the past year actually did go.

In spite of my whining and moaning, every bill did get paid on time all year long, we managed to keep fuel in the truck even when things were at their very leanest, we made it through the toughest parts with most of our minds intact, and there’s money left over to pay the tax man in April.

Which means that I’ve been looking at the wrong side of things this week and hopefully, now I’m back on track.

At least until the urge to start whining hits me again.  Hopefully when it does, I’ll remember that things could be a whole danged lot worse, and to count my blessings, not sweat the little stuff so much!

Hahahahahaha, speaking of little things, my mouse battery actually died immediately after I typed that last sentence.  I hope that’s not a sign….  And by gosh, today I’m not taking it as one!



2 thoughts on “I’m Gonna be Optimistic if it Kills Me…

  1. Hello,
    I just found your blog site on Truckers Report. It’s been a great find for me! I’ve been a little discouraged with the process for getting my CDL I’ve been in school for the last 8 weekends (10 hour days then 5 days between driving and class) which I wouldn’t reccomend to anyone. and boy what a ride it’s been! Too make a long story short, went and passed my air and pre-trip, and blew it on the alley dock. Gotta go back next Wednesday to “try try again” anyway, I thank you for your recent post, It makes me realize that I need to focus on the positive. Thank you for your encouraging blog, I’m glad I found it.

  2. Oh, I have my days… but mostly it’s been good. You’ll get that alley dock, just watch the tires as you back and learn the timing, and if you can find a mark on the ground to use as a landmark of sorts that can help you too. Once you get it it’s pretty easy to repeat it. Thanks for your nice comments, and best of luck out there!

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