2012 – Bring it On!

After having a nice long holiday vacation it’s time to get back to work.

Well, I have to admit that I did take one short trip in the middle of my “vacation” since the timing and pay were right.  Other than that and fighting a really nasty cold, I did have a great three weeks off work with family and friends.

I spent the day today getting my end of quarter – end of year paperwork all done and I’m happy to say it’s finished.  I did a little preparation on my 2011 taxes as well, and hopefully that will save me some headaches come filing time.

Tomorrow morning the truck will be getting a good cleaning along with an oil change and regularly scheduled maintenance.  Gotta start the new year right!

With a little luck, I’ll be busy again this week with my customers gearing back up after the slow holiday season, and in all honesty, after this time off I’m ready to get back out there and get moving again!

All I can say now is, 2012, I’m ready for you.  Bring it on!


6 thoughts on “2012 – Bring it On!

  1. Go get um!! truck drivers are some of the few who get kicked to the ground every day, just to climb back up, and some how we are always expected to take it with a smile ..;) we just like the ride to much ;), best of luck to you in the new year!!

  2. Hey Sue,
    Good to hear you’ve successfully survived 2011. I’ve got to hand it to you, grabbing the bull by the horns and entering this hotshot business with no prior experience is, well, an achievement to be proud of.

    You ought to be busy as most of the financial indicators out there show a steady improvement in our GDP. It actually has for the last two years, just not large enough to positively affect the employment numbers.
    It’s been a tough three years for all of us but a recovery of this magnitude takes time, a very long time. We averted a financial catastrophe, the likes of which I’d hate to imagine but the economy should continue to grow (barring any disaster from Europe or the recent activity from Iran). Hopefully the latter is nipped in the bud so as to keep our fuel prices stable.

    So I’m hopeful you will be busier this year than last!

    Here’s wishing you a Healthy and Prosperous New Year going into 2021.


  3. Thanks Joe! I hope for all of our sakes that the economy does better. Getting this business going was rough, but I can say I’m very fortunate when I think of people trying to get by on minimum wage these days, so I have a lot to be thankful for!

    I hope your new year is great too!

  4. Hi,i’m from la I alrdy have 07 -3500 4×4 dodge only 100.000 miles.Thinking of doing hot shot .I can buy trailer with cash and pay for all fees,tiedowns with cash. I want to kno if this is the time to go with it or is this not the right to make money in hs. All new to me.

  5. Before I plunked down any cash I’d do a lot of research.

    A lot also depends on how you want to do it, you have to decide either to get in with a company like ACME or some other outfit, or get your own operating authority. There are a lot of other costs involved too, getting your CDL, getting commercial insurance, and all the state and federal paperwork and permits to go through.

    From what I hear LA and south TX are busy, but I couldn’t tell you if they have enough or too few hotshots. It wouldn’t hurt to call ACME and see what their program offers, I know some of their guys do real well and you wouldn’t need to get your own authority. (Even though I hate leasing, sometimes it the way to go.)

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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