A Trucking Company Evolution…

I’m home for a day taking care of odds & ends and it occurred to me that this little company is evolving.

What brought this on?  Well, I’m getting set up to carry haz-mat and am jumping through hoops to be able to do so.

As it turns out there is a chemical plant not far from my little casa where I might be able to pick up some more lucrative freight.  As it also turns out, their chemicals (no surprise here) are haz-mat rated, which requires me to upgrade my insurance to cover carrying that type of stuff.

I’ve already got the haz-mat endorsement on my CDL, and also have my Motor Carrier Haz-Mat Certificate, so it’s just a matter of biting the bullet and forking over the cash to get the insurance set up.  And one would think that would be a simple matter, but it’s already taken several days & several phone calls / conferences with my (NEW) insurance agent, as my (OLD) agent, well, sucked.

Luckily, the new agent appears to have his stuff together and is working hard to get me covered ASAP.  Which apparently is difficult at best this time of year when insurance folks seem to disappear for days on end while using up their left-over vacation days…

The good news is that getting the insurance upgrade shouldn’t break the bank since we have a squeaky clean record to date.  (Knock on wood…)

Once it’s up and running I can see a whole new world of possibilities opening up for us, which should mean less travel time to get loads (from 100 miles to about 4) and more actual compensation for loaded miles (haz-mat paying more than stock trailers, of course.)

So, in the big scheme of things, I guess you could say we’re going through trucking company evolution.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


2 thoughts on “A Trucking Company Evolution…

  1. sounds like fun, Ive been really enjoying reading you posts. you do a great job wrighting them! keep up the good work. Ben

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