What Do Truck Repairs and Gray Hair Have In Common? I’ll Tell Ya….

OK, you true manly trucker types who might trip over this blog at some point in time… here’s a disclaimer…  be warned, this is not your typical truck driver post.  It’s not even a typical business post.

It’s a mix of frustration over a business ownership issue and frustration over a personal appearance issue.  It’s a lot about frustration, to tell the truth.

I suppose the best way to explain the above title is by starting at the start, so to speak.  Or maybe not.  I think I’ll start somewhere in the middle then back-track.  It may make more sense that way……

Last week the stupid pinion seal on my truck sprung a leak and blew oil all over the front end of the truck.  We thought it was the front differential seal.  It is in the front, and it is at the differential.  But they call it a pinion seal.  Now, if these are just two names for the same thing, that’s peachy.

If they’re different, then you know more about them than I do and should have an exact picture of that particular problem.  Needless to say, this is a problem that must be repaired in order for me to be able to drive the truck and not cause more problems.

With this in mind I called up the local Dodge house last Friday and made an appointment to get the thing in and fixed on Monday.  Monday rolled around and said truck was delivered to be repaired.  The good news was that the repair was covered under the warranty and would only take a couple of hours to complete.

The bad news is…. it’s Thursday and it”s still not fixed.  Which means I’ve had a whole week to sit here and stew.

And I’m aggravated.

The problem according to the dealership is that they do not have the proper socket in their possession to do the repair.  After my going down to the dealership and having a heart to heart chat with the service manager Tuesday afternoon when they finally told me they were having problems, and after an abject failure in locating the necessary socket locally to beg, borrow, or steal, they finally bit the bullet and ordered one.  Now they say it should be in by Friday, and maybe they can fix the problem then.

In the meantime, I can’t work.  Which makes me a little grumpy.

And to top it all off, (here comes the crazy part of this post…)

My hair is driving me crazy.

This all started back when work got slow a couple months ago.  I knew I was in trouble then, as I started obsessing and being all angsty over my stupid graying hair…

On the hair side, I’m naturally brunette but have been slowly going gray for the past decade.  And to add insult to injury, it’s not pretty white-gray, just sort of dirty brown gray mixed in with my dark brown normal color.  If I leave it alone, it’s just dull.  Mousy.  Boring.  Ugly.  I hate it.   Even BB hates it.  It’s just bad.  It makes me look even older than I already am.  And that is unacceptable.  Ask any woman…

A while back (like a year ago) I thought I’d look into how other women go “gracefully gray” and just stop trying to fight time and aging like my older sister has done.  As if to rub it in, she was gifted with pretty gray hair, it’s all light on top and darker underneath.  So I thought I’d give it a try and see if mine would be decent looking if I grew it out.

Well,  the longer I left it alone, the older and more washed out I looked.  That was not working for me, so a few months ago I started coloring it again.  But I’m conflicted over having to dye it.  It’s a real pain in the neck.

A week after I dye it, it starts growing out and the roots show and look awful.  A couple more weeks and the color goes all red and “brassy.”  You ladies who dye your hair will know exactly what that means…. anyhow…. trust me guys when I say it’s ugly.

So I checked into ways to sort of camouflage that root line and to get rid of the red brassy stuff to maybe give me more time in between dying.  The best recommendation I found was to have a pro color it with a non-brassy dye and to do high and low lights to blend it in.  In theory this sounded good.  In practice, it’s not a so great.

Giving in to my vanity (and curiosity) I forked over the big bucks and had it done.

It looked good at first, but then again, even though I specifically asked the colorist not to use anything that had red in it, it had this damnable stubborn red undertone to it.  And it didn’t hide the roots that within a week, started growing in like clockwork.  It just made them look more, well, rooty.  And yukky, dull, and oooooold.  And once those roots started showing, I hated it…

So, a couple of weeks ago to fight that ugly hated roots-growing-in look and to get rid of the damned brassy red!!! once and for all, I had a brainstorm and tried going darker. The theory was by going to a dark, ashy brown, I could make my roots look less dark when they grew in and the ash should have defeated the red.

Big mistake.

I looked like an old, wrinkly lady trying to look like a Goth with black over red hair dye on.  The Dark Ash Brown hair dye was neither ashy nor brown.  It was butt-ugly and not flattering, on me in any way.  Yuck!  (Hint here ladies, darker hair over older skin is a baaaaaaad combination…… )

After about a week of just living with it up in a tight ponytail and bandana so I didn’t have to look at it (I was out working and didn’t have time to try to fix it right away)  I found this miraculous stuff that actually removed the dark hair dye and didn’t cook my hair.  Only problem with that is… it made it red and brassier than it was before. Gaaaaakkk!

The box said it would be ready to color once the treatment was finished, but I wasn’t.  Ready to color, I mean.  I’m tired of going around in circles trying to defeat this freaking awful thing that has taken over my hair.

Well, in desperation, I came up with this idea; I thought if I could bleach my hair very light, I could maybe do something with it.  It works for twenty-something kids who think it’s cool to be gray.  So I went and got a bleaching kit and (for once, I must be either gaining a tiny bit of wisdom in my old age) I actually took the precaution of doing a test on a bit of hair snipped from the back of my head like the directions recommend before proceeding to bleach myself out to as near to white as I could get.  And thank God I did.

After 40 minutes, it was obvious by the looks of the sample that my hair will not bleach.

It just turned carrot orange, and not light at all, a deep carrot orange.  Not only that, but the poor little bleach-burned sacrificial hair sample was sort of well, crunchy, for lack of a better description.  I definitely don’t need crunchy, deep carrot orange hair.  So much for that idea.

On to Plan B…

I’m a good planner (my ideas may be insane but I always have a plan B ((and C for that matter)) and those backup plans are usually less insane) so I had another option ready to go.

What I ended up doing was using the palest blonde hair dye I could find and added 20 drops of this special goop to the mixture that’s supposed to cancel out the red tones.

Well, it didn’t cancel out all of the red but it did tone it down a whole lot and it made the gray hairs look a lot less dull and ugly.  It also lightened up the dullness of the brown at the root line.

BB, who was eying me and my crazy chemistry experiments with great suspicion was nice enough when I got finished to say he likes my gray/red hair then laughed like some maniac.  Sheesh… (He can be ornery that way)

Anyway, it did work better than I thought it would, and that may be about the best it’s going to get.  Under the circumstances, I’ll take it.  At least it does look like a natural human hair color now, and when those pesky roots show back up in a week or two I’ll know what to do about them.

That’s one crisis resolved.

Now if the dealership just resolves the other crisis tomorrow and gets my truck repaired maybe I can get back to work next week and keep myself out of trouble.



8 thoughts on “What Do Truck Repairs and Gray Hair Have In Common? I’ll Tell Ya….

  1. Sue, Sue, Sue. Just do like I did when I started thinning. SHAVE IT. We can call you Shanaed or you can get a wig of any color you want. As for the piston thingy-majig, don’t know a thing about that, you know I was freaked out over the pre-trip part of our CDL test. Good luck and I’m sure you would be georgious with deep carrot red cruchy hair, just have to watch out for rabbits.

  2. So after this log read you’re not going to post a pic the end results? Hehe
    I hear your pain though. My wife’s beautiful strawberry red hair has begun to fade and although she dyes it red, it never looks like her original. I do like it though. Anyway, glad the two issues have been resolved. I knew you’d find a solution, you always do.

  3. John, you have no idea how close I have come to doing just that! BB doesn’t approve though and that (and the thought of being attacked by hungry rabbits) may be all that stops me 😀

    And Joe, yep, then you know how the aging hair angsty thing goes! And thanks for the vote of confidence.

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  5. Well, you could always start “dreads” like I tried for those two (or was it three?) short days. (or … on second thought … maybe not. BUT your hair texture would work better for them than mine did.)

    I’m sure that on the truck repair topic you’re wondering why the garage was so cheap as to not bother thinking *ON MONDAY* that they needed to order that socket, then. I guess they didn’t get where they are today by doing such fiscally irresponsible things, eh?

  6. Oh my gosh I remember those dreads… or should I say dreadfuls 😀 it was one of those ideas that was better in theory, I’m just sayin’. And no, my hair probably wouldn’t cooperate, it even slips out of normal braids so I’d be half-dread, half crazy flyaway whispies, haha, what a look that would be, huh?

    I don’t know what the deal was with the dealership, but that’s a pretty poor way to keep customers if that’s what they’re trying to accomplish. At least they FINALLY got it fixed the day before yesterday … sheesh!

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