A Whole Lot O’ Shakin’ Goin’ On…

I’m deviating from my normal blogging topics this morning in honor of the earthquake that hit here in Oklahoma last night.  It’s a fairly rare event to feel one this far away from the Jones, OK area where they get a lot of little shakers.  And the one last night was a doozie.  They had a slightly smaller one at 2 am Saturday morning that I didn’t feel as I was snoozing away, but the 5.6 shaker hit us here at just before 11 pm last night, and I definitely took notice of that one.

Now, I’m interested in earthquakes for some odd reason.  I sort of like them in a hesitant, cautious way.  This is my third good-sized quake, but I remember feeling little baby shakes in the San Juan Valley of Colorado when I was a kid.  And I was fascinated with those after my Mama told me what they were.  Call me crazy, but I kind of like the idea that the earth shakes itself around a little every now and then.   Not that I want anything torn up or knocked over or anyone hurt, but it’s sort of neat to get an occasional reminder that the planet we perch on isn’t just a dead rock circling the sun.

I guess one of the things about earthquakes that interests me is how sneaky they really are.  The first bigger quake I experienced snuck up on me and my brother one evening while I was visiting him in Colorado.  When it hit, it didn’t shake and roll, it slammed and made a loud crash.  In fact, we thought someone had run into his house with a truck!  We, and all of his neighbors, ran outside and stood looking at one another for a minute until someone said, “Wow! That was an earthquake!”  Indeed it was.

The second quake happened when I delivered a load up in Damascus, Arkansas.  I was actually just drifting off to sleep in a motel room at nearby Greenbrier when a Godawful banging, booming, and crashing literally jolted me out of bed and to my feet.  I stood there trying to figure out who was crashing down the stairway outside when it suddenly stopped, and the little light bulb went on in my brain… Oh, earthquake!  I picked up the phone and called the desk.  The clerk confirmed my theory.  I guess just knowing what it was satisfied my curiosity and I just went back to bed.  Slept pretty well after that too.

The one last night was very different.  First of all, we’re not in a house with a foundation right now.  We’re staying in our RV while we remodel the house.  So when this one hit, we didn’t get jarred sharply, just sort of rolled around.  It actually felt like the trailer was getting blasted by a super-strong wind and was swaying around.  And it was silent here, no booming crashes or groans.  It felt like a long time but only lasted somewhere around twenty seconds or so.  Considering how quiet it was, I didn’t immediately figure out what was going on.  I looked out the window and there wasn’t any wind, and I suppose that’s what made me think of an earthquake.

I suppose I should be afraid of earthquakes.  After all, they kill more people and do more damage than all other natural catastrophes.  But I’d much rather have an earthquake sneak up on me than to sit and watch a super-cell thunderstorm and worry about getting sucked up in a big ole’ twister.  That said, I do hope a really big quake never hits anywhere near me.  I don’t need to get smashed flat by a falling wall or anything either.

At any rate, this quake was another interesting experience that I won’t forget.





2 thoughts on “A Whole Lot O’ Shakin’ Goin’ On…

  1. The experience at my house was interestingly like being in an oversized rolling-stock train car on a not-so-level roadbed. It felt like the whole house was tipping back and forth on its E-W axis, and since I was sitting at the computer, being rocked from left to right (N-S) and watching the potrack swing made that impression even stronger. The sound, too. Very weird. I think my house slab might have moved a teensy bit because the front porch concrete stoop where the concrete was already split horizontally when I moved in seems to be jutting out about a half inch further than it was yesterday.

  2. Yep, I don’t know what it would have felt like in the house, but I took a good look today and there are some larger cracks in the brick near doorways that weren’t as big. Luckily we don’t have a slab floor in it, so the damage is minimal at worst. It definitely moved things around some as the bungalow wall now has a little crack in it.

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