Back in the Saddle…

It’s Saturday evening and I’m all set with two loads (count ’em) here in my yard getting ready to go out tomorrow and Monday afternoon and a booked load scheduled for Thursday morning.  What an amazing turn-around from the past month of no work!

One load is a return that’s sitting on my trailer in the back of the yard;  the other is a truck-only hot shot load I picked up first thing this morning that will be hauled over the hills tomorrow for an early Monday delivery.

Then I’ll be back Monday afternoon for the trailer which will go more southerly to get unloaded, and then I’ll get reloaded and head even farther south to deliver on Tuesday morning.  Once that load is delivered,  I’ll head back to the yard down south and drop my trailer, then hot-foot it over the hills to go get the truck-only hot shot load and bring it back Thursday morning.

Once the hot shot load is delivered, I’ll have to head back to the yard down south Thursday afternoon or Friday AM to get both my trailer and my weekend load, which will get delivered next Monday morning bright and early, wherever it’s going.

The regular load I already had scheduled for Monday got pushed back a day allowing me to take the hot shot truck-only load over the hills, which is a definite bonus and boost to my accounts receivable. (And my mood, by the way.)

Whew!  Are you confused yet?  Anyway…

In between all of this logistically challenging planning and scheming, I had to a) get hold of the guy I’m hauling regular loads for to make sure my b) direct customer’s hot shot loads could be fit into the schedule without SNAFU-ing the regular load schedule.  Which, thanks to the delay on the regular load, they do fit.  So far, so good.

I also had to get all of my paperwork caught up.  And had a few phone calls to make, then a general cleaning and organizing the interior of the truck that looked like pigs had been living in it by the time I got home.

Then I had to stock up on food.  I realized that I was eating mostly junk last week, so I tried to get more nutritious foods to take along this week.

I also grabbed two super-cheapo turtleneck tops from Wally World as I just about froze myself this past week when the cold front blew in and all I had with me were t-shirts and one thin hoodie.  I normally take along too many clothes but this time I was not ready for a temperature dip!

I did have two flannel shirts washed and ready to go, but didn’t think to take them with me as it was hot out when I left.  This week they’re all going along.  I’ll go back to packing my clean clothes in my laundry basket and just pulling out what I actually need when I stop at night.  That method worked for me well last spring when I was gone a week at a time and saved me from having to tote a heavy suitcase all over creation when I stopped.

Which reminds me, I need to put my overalls and heavy coat in the truck just in case…

Aside from laundry, clothes, paperwork and eats, I had to replace my power inverter.  For whatever reason, the old one (probably from all the rough bouncing around in the truck) refuses to allow my computer to stay plugged in.  The plug just falls out when I hit a bump, which is a huge problem if your laptop battery dies and that laptop is your logbook.  Nuf said about that I suppose, it’s fixed now.

So with all of this, my so-called “day off” started at 5:30 this morning and isn’t over yet.  But I’m not complaining!!  I’m ecstatic just to be back in the saddle!


3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle…

  1. Glad to hear your dry spell has ended. Looks like a busy week for you and hopefully things continue that way afterwards. Stay warm and drive safe!

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