Reinventing the Wheel

I’m not, actually.  Reinventing the wheel, I mean.  But I am back-tracking a bit.  Allow me to explain…

Things were going along great, gangbusters, in fact.  I had plenty of  good paying hot shot runs with interesting freight that kept me busy all summer.  And then everything  just stopped dead it it’s tracks.  There hasn’t been a single load in sight.

The new broker I signed with has come up with one (count them, er, it, … 1…) load to date, and it was given to someone else as I was in another state at the time delivering something else.

My other broker tosses me a bone now and then, but nothing at all for the past 3 weeks.  (That particular broker has been giving most all of their hot shot loads to my friend who has been with them a few months longer… sigh…)

And my usually best customer has hit a dry spell as well.  (This is not surprising, it happened back in the spring too.  They go through cycles.)  So I’ve been pulling out my hair in sheer boredom with no freight to move and no sign of things breaking loose.

Thank goodness for the little nest egg I tucked away after all the activity early on in the summer!  I don’t know what’s going on and I’m sure I don’t like it.

What I do know is that sitting this long (18 days and counting) is driving me and BB nuts.  I’m stressed over not getting work, BB’s stressed over me griping about not getting work, and this morning I decided I’m just not going to sit here and whine anymore.  I’m doing something about it.

Which isn’t to say I haven’t been doing anything.  I’ve been continuing to do marketing, sending out flyers, looking for loads.  For whatever reason, nothing has been working.  So today I called up the guy I hauled for this spring and who I left to go do hot shot work.  Thankfully, he’s an understanding type of guy.  He did warn me that hot shot could just dry up on me without warning, and today when I called him he was just as nice as could be.

He didn’t even say, “I told you so.”

Thankfully, he’s willing to take me back.  (Lesson here… never burn a bridge, you might need to back-track and cross it later!)

Granted, it’s not as high paying freight as the hot shot loads I was getting, but common sense dictates that if you aren’t getting any work, lower paying loads (but still profitable) are nothing to be turning up your nose at.  So it looks like I’ll get back out on the road in the next day or so.  Thank God!  It’s high time…

Now, to be honest, I really liked working with this particular guy before.  He did exactly what he said he would do, paid exactly to the penny what he said each load paid, and paid every week like clockwork.  Plus, if and when I do get the call from my hot shot customers, I’ll be able to schedule higher paying stuff in between loads I’ll be getting with him.

And as a bonus, he will send me places I actually like going.  Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, well, you get the general idea, down south!

If I didn’t think it would traumatize us both, I think I’d hug him for taking me back.  Or maybe not… but you know what I mean.



2 thoughts on “Reinventing the Wheel

  1. Sorry to hear things have dried up. It’s seems indicative of our current economic environment. I read quite bit about financial indicators and I don’t mean the nonsense spewed by the media, especially local news, but rather from financial managers who cover the entire globe. In short, the entire world’s banking system is treading on shaky and unchartered territory. It’s not just the U.S.
    Money isn’t moving which means commerce is stagnant. As long as unemployment remains where it is companies are not gong to hire which of course means they aren’t going to purchase goods and inventory. This sadly ripples out to your industry.
    You may want to consider tapping into companies with government contracts. Don’t know if that’s a possibility but worth a try. The reason I say that is because a friend of mine owns a small crating company and contracts with companies tied in with the government, one of them, the military. His small company has not slowed down for the past ten years.
    As far as never burning bridges, I couldn’t agree with you more no matter what happens at the time of exit. I may be returning to the company which laid me off back in ’08 and I attribute the possibility due to keeping that bridge open.

    So, may I conclude my thoughts in a positive spirit and hope things turn around for you very soon.

    Keep the faith,

  2. Thanks Joe! Things are already looking better. I had two loads this week doing truck beds, and this weekend I got another hot shot load, and I’m already booking loads into next week. I don’t mind doing the truck beds especially since I got the shorter trailer. As it turns out, just going with that cut a lot of my fuel expense so the per mile rate is even better than it was.

    I haven’t thought much about government contracts, and sort of cringe at the thought of the paperwork/requirements that would be involved. It’s enough fun just trying to stay compliant with all the government regulations, taxes, permits, and all. But it may be a different avenue to explore…

    But like burning bridges, I try to never say never 😀

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