Four Things I Like About Hot Shot Trucking

Now that I have gotten into somewhat of a groove and I don’t have to run so hard, I’ve finally had time to figure out that I actually do like hot shotting a lot.  I thought I’d make a listing of my four favorite things about this business.

The number one thing I like about hot shotting is the travel.  Granted, most of it isn’t that exciting scenery-wise as interstate views usually aren’t so great.  But since I normally don’t have a back-haul, when I’m heading back home I can, and do, get off the interstate and poke around here and there.  Do you have any idea how many really interesting and pretty towns there are all over this country?  From what I’ve seen over the past few months, there are quite a few.

The second thing I like about hot shotting is the challenge.  There’s a decent amount of pressure involved in hauling time-sensitive freight, which makes me work harder to meet my deadlines.  I’ve always worked better under some pressure, and my theory is that it’s because a little pressure keeps me more focused on the finish line.

The third thing I like about this business is the independence factor.  I used to work in a very hierarchical business with a strict chain of command, and am thoroughly enjoying being  my own boss.  Yes, I do know that in business your customers are technically your bosses, but even so, they aren’t in the truck with me, don’t dictate anything except “get this load from x to y on time,” and what I do between those points and on the way back is strictly up to me.

And finally, the fourth thing I like best about this work is job satisfaction.  I do get a very good feeling when I deliver a piece of cargo.  I like calling the shipper and letting them know their cargo made it on time.  I also like it when the receiver is excited that the item they need has arrived.  It’s a simple thing really, but I do get a real nice sense of satisfaction from successfully accomplishing what I said I would do.



4 thoughts on “Four Things I Like About Hot Shot Trucking

  1. Good to hear you are still at it and enjoying every bit of it. Your blog are infrequent which means you must be busy, and that’s a good thing. Keep on Trucking Sue.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I am currently “thinking” about going into the Hot shot business. I have worked for a corporation for 31 yrs and they recently closed our shop. I’ve always wanted to drive truck and I never lost that desire. As you may or may not know the natural gas boom has hit Pennsylvania and I was thinking about trying to break into the hot shot industry in Pa. Any advice you could give me would be very greatly appreciated. The one question I have is do you think it is possible to actually run “local hot shot”?? At this point in my life I am not able to be gone for days or weeks at a time.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Rob S

  3. That’s an interesting question… the short answer is that you have to be ready and able to go where ever the customer wants, and that often involves overnight or several days of traveling. Not to say there aren’t local runs, but maybe the best way to look into that is to talk to brokers who handle hotshot loads and see if you could work something out. Some guys don’t like the local runs, they really want the high paying long trips.

    Good luck!


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