When Opportunity Comes A’Knockin’…

Things seem to evolve very quickly in this business.  Case in point:  Last week I was happily hauling for a company 100 miles from my front door.  Getting good steady runs and paid every week exactly what the runs were supposed to pay.  Then came that knock at the door…

In the first several months of this endeavor I’ve struggled along trying like crazy to avoid bad carriers, shady brokers, and just find good solid customers.  When that job came along it was like a Godsend, and I finally started getting out of the red and into the black.  Then I got a phone call from out of the ether that changed everything.

At first, I was resistant to the idea.  But my friend talked me into calling a particular brokerage and, amazingly enough to me, I’m back in the hot shot game big time.

I had to bid a nearly tearful goodbye to the guy I hauled all those trailers and truck beds for, but didn’t burn the bridge, so I can go back if necessary down the road.  But this opportunity is just too good to pass up and he agreed, I need to jump on it while it lasts.  It’s true hot shotting for the oil field and gas industry and pays real hot shot rates.

Once again I’m indebted to the same friend who got me started in the first place, and once again I’m getting a boost up the food chain of hot shot trucking.

Who’da thunk it?  Not me, but man, am I ever grateful for the boost!


4 thoughts on “When Opportunity Comes A’Knockin’…

  1. You go girl!!! Gotta go where the money takes you to survive the business. Just be careful you are one of my favorite ladies!!! My partner in crime so to speak!! Luv ya Susan D

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