On the Road…

I’ve been on the road for the most of the past month and things are looking very good!

I learned a new trick this week that I sort of really like… pulling tie-together horse trailers.  Easy work, no strapping or messing with chains, much higher fuel mileage, and quick trips out and back.

I knew this was an option when I started working with my new boss.  But for some reason I hadn’t gotten my doubles endorsement on my CDL while at school, so I had to wait for an opportunity to run and get that done first.  On Tuesday this week the boss called and gave me the morning off to do just that, so I ran over to the local DL office… only to find it closed.  So instead I called the next town up and found they were actually open, so jetted up there and got it done.

Amazingly, I actually remembered enough of the doubles/triples material to pass.  Whew!  It was a little bit of a rocky start on the test as I got the first two questions wrong (and yes, I was being a ditz) but I took a deep breath and started concentrating and got the rest right, so, viola’, I now possess that little T endorsement on my license.

That afternoon I ran over and picked up my first tie-togethers and headed out to Tucson.  I was amazed at how easy they are to pull!  I guess after dragging my 40′ skateboard around just about anything is easier.  Just hadn’t considered doing it until the moment the boss really needed someone to jump in and get it done.  Now I’m glad I did.

So anyway, for the next few days that’s what I’ll be up to.  Then back to hauling truck beds for a while.  Looks like it’s shaping up to be a busy and productive summer!  This isn’t hot shot work, it’s just normal loads, but that’s fine with me as long as it stays steady.  These regular paydays are a big relief after struggling to get started!

Only one thing bugs me, and that’s the fact that I haven’t been taking any pictures, so maybe this week I’ll break down and get a little digital camera and start shooting some of the places I go.  I think this will be a good time as I’m headed off to Florida tomorrow.

Should be interesting!


2 thoughts on “On the Road…

  1. i drove otr for a yr with no problems. then i left where i was at to work for aehtonr company. after a three week run i came home and found out i only made 37 dollars for the whole time i was out. so i put my two week notice in. that very same night while i was asleep they towed my truck to an impound yard, fired me, then out on my dac that i abandoned my truck. the trueth is they towed my truck away so i couldnt drive it back to the home terminal. no because of this shady move by the company i was with, nobody will hire me. its just not fair. i was just begginning my career and now it looks to be over. all because of some stupid lie by a very bad company. someone out there pllease give me a chance to get back to work. i have a terminaly ill wife and two kids, i live in the poorest county in fl. im broke. all i want to do is get back to work. im a damn good driver and an honest one. all i need is a fair shot

    • Wow, that’s not the first story I’ve heard about how badly some companies treat people. Sorry it happened to you! Try getting hold of all of the small trucking outfits near you, they’re more likely not to care what the big outfits have to say and will probably be looking for good drivers. Good luck, hope you find another job soon!

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