Catching Up

I’m on a nice little weekend break from my recent flurry of activity and thought it would be a good time to get caught up on what’s been happening.  And it helps that I’m the only human awake this morning, so I actually have the peace & quiet to do so.

Let’s see, where did I leave off… oh yeah, my newest customer.  I think it’s probably easier to just call him my boss for now.  Not an official boss, but he does find me work, and does oversee my trailer loading, so that’s probably as good a title as any.

In reality, he is a customer who has connections in the industry and who needed my type of truck, and a driver for the truck who wants to go, go, go.  So  he got me.  And so far we’re both very happy with the arrangement, which is always a plus.

The only negative thing about this gig is that I load a hundred miles away from home.  It was a little rough at first, but now I just leave my trailer there in the customer’s yard where it’s locked in at night, and I run bobtail over to get it when I’m ready to leave with the load.  So it’s not a very big negative after all.  What was rough was dragging the trailer home and back over in between runs.  Now that I don’t have that hassle (and expense as my fuel mileage drops significantly even with the unloaded trailer) things are working better.

There are quite a few very good things about this arrangement that I want to note here.  One, this man says what he means, and means what he says.  No BS here, just good honest communication, which is completely essential (and very rare) in this business from my experience.

The second good thing is that he pays each and every Friday for every trip completed that week.  No holding back a week, just a good steady paycheck every week.  And no surprises!  No withholding or any other sneaky crap.  Just the actual amount agreed upon for each job.

The third good thing is that he seems to actually appreciate my work ethic and isn’t afraid to say so.  Do you know how nice it is to be acknowledged for your hard work?  I didn’t so much before, but with this boss I do.  And I really like the feedback!

Now there was an interesting exchange yesterday when I went to get my trailer loaded for my next run.  The boss man told me that the company we’re hauling for sent out an email to each of the stops I’ll be making this next week.  The email advised them that the driver (moi) was a lady, and to not do any un-necessary loading or reloading of the trailer, and to give me all the help they can to get things off and on the trailer, and strapped and unstrapped.  I was amazed!

Now, I just take it as part of my job to get things loaded right and strapped down extremely well.  I probably use more straps than any of the other drivers, but then, I don’t want any hefty fines from the DOT for being lazy.  So maybe I do work a little harder than I actually need to on that part of the job, but to actually have the company we’re hauling for send out that email was pretty stunning.

I can’t help but appreciate their attitude!  After all, I’m no spring chicken, and if they want to look out for me and help me not have to work quite so hard, then it’s all good.  Plus, that also tells me that I’m doing a good job for them and they appreciate my efforts.  That’s just really very cool.  Did I say I like to know I’m appreciated?  If I didn’t, I do!

Now, you all womens’ libbers out there who think it’s wrong to accept help on the job… well, don’t give me a hard time here.  I’m not letting them do my work for me, but if they want to be courteous and give help when it’s needed, I’m not too proud to accept it!

And I pitch in and help the other drivers when we’re all loading too, so that road runs both ways.  I’m just sayin’…

Now, being human, I can’t help but compare this gig to the last one.  My old lease carrier sucked by comparison.  And I’m being nice saying it that way.  I’m sure I could say worse if I put my mind to it.  But the differences are stark and telling.  I won’t bore you with more tales about the old setup.  There are plenty of old blogs that describe the shenanigans that went on over there if you want to read them.

Let’s just say my new arrangement is w o n d e r f u l !  I know just enough to know how good I have it now, and I’ll do everything I can to keep this job going.

And I’m happy as a lark being where I am now for sure!

With all of that said, in the two weeks I’ve been working with these folks, I’ve been to a lot of neat places.  I was sent to Seguin, TX, then to Rayne, LA, then back to San Antonio, TX, to a few nearby drops in the Dallas/Ft. Worth / Arlington areas, and one quick truck only run up to Wichita, KS.

This week I’ll be doing a 4-drop run to Ohio and Kentucky, and next week I may get to haul  and drop a loaded trailer up to Washington state and maybe bring something else back down.

Now this is what I had in mind when I got into this whole business in the first place.  Working hard, staying busy, making some money, and feeling like I’m accomplishing something.

And I have our friends T&B to thank for it all as they made the introduction that got me hired on.  So, thank you my friends, I appreciate the help!


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