Leaving No Stone Unturned…

I’ve been quiet lately as I’ve been busy turning over one stone after another.  And looking under each and every one of those little stones for another way to attract good customers.

Some of my tactics are normal, sending out flyers, making cold calls, knocking on doors.  I also came across some less-used methods, at least in trucking.  I’ve been spending time posting on every free site I can find on the internet, which has actually surprised me by getting me a few phone calls this week.

Unfortunately, most of those calls have been from folks interested in getting stuff moved for next to free, or worse, for free.

Well, after having been pounded by the crummy winter weather, surviving a bad carrier, scrambling to get set up on my own operating authority, and trying like mad to generate some new business, I can at least say I have found three customers who seem interested, and two of those have actually booked loads. Paperwork is pending on the third one which may be the best, volume-wise, of the three.  I’m antsy to get linked up with them and trying to be patient…

The question is, how many customers do I need to stay busy… I’m still working on that one and I’ll let you know when I hit the critical number.

For now, I’m just trying real hard to stay positive and keep moving.  It’s not like doing 0-60 in half a block, but at least it’s a start!


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