1st Independent Hot Shot Run…

I got home a short while ago after completing my first independent hot shot run.  It was actually a lot of fun, and I feel great!

My first customer came from the flyers I sent out.  They called yesterday out of the blue and booked a quick run to Arkansas and back.  And didn’t even blink when I gave them my price.  Talk about an entirely different experience from leasing!  What was I thinking anyway…

Oh well, that’s the past and this is looking very, very promising.  I didn’t even have to hook up the trailer.  Just hopped in the truck, ran 350 miles, settled in for the night at a nice enough motel, then picked up my cargo first thing this morning and beat feet back as quick as the law (and slow-pokey drivers) would allow.

And I got back 2 3/4 hours before my deadline.  I hope this means they’ll call me again.  What a sweet job that was.

I think this could become addictive.

Without the trailer my expenses went way, way down as I averaged 15 mpg on this trip as opposed to 6 with a loaded trailer, and 11 or 12 with the empty trailer on the way home.  Makes quite a difference!  It was also a lot less tiring not having to watch the trailer the whole way.  I didn’t realize how much stress that adds to a run.

While I know every job won’t be this easy and stress-free, it sure was a nice experience.  And hopefully those flyers will get me another customer or two so I can stay busy with this type of quick trip, high priority, light-weight, ‘need it now’ cargo.

Now that’s what I was talking about!


3 thoughts on “1st Independent Hot Shot Run…

  1. Your hard work is just beginning to pay off!! Good to hear something came thru this week, and you better believe it, they will be calling you back. I’m sure you were a breath of fresh air compared to the typical hot-shotter (is that how you guys spell it, lol) and I’m sure your positive attitude was a big factor.

  2. Thanks Joe, I was ecstatic to get the job and I hope my enthusiasm was obvious to the customer! I don’t know about being different than the other guys (except for the obvious gender thing) but yeah, my own attitude is just about the only factor in the mix I can completely control and I do hope it sets me apart.
    Now if I can just get 2 of those type of jobs a week I’ll be doing super great…

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