All Dressed Up and No Place to Go…

Everything is ready to go.  Truck & trailer properly inspected, check.  Driver history paperwork all complete, check. Company paperwork, MC Authority, Insurance, and the multitude of other stuff, check.

And now the hunt for work begins…

I thought I had a well-paying load set up this morning, but they called back and said the customer didn’t want a hot shot rig.  Bummer.  But that’s ok, I’ll find something if it’s the last thing I do.

I foresaw some of the problems and in order to get around them, spent the past 2 days working on a packet to send out to local businesses and industries.  I sent out 30-ish flyers and a lot of business cards in the hopes that I can score some local work.

Hopefully this will at least garner me some calls and some interest.  If I can talk to them I think I can sell it.

A note on patience… I don’t naturally have much, but this type of endeavor  is certainly forcing me to develop some.

Anyway, I’m ready to roll if only I can find something to roll with!  😀


3 thoughts on “All Dressed Up and No Place to Go…

  1. Good luck Sue! At least during the down time you can have the pleasure of going out, sitting in a lawn chair and surveying your beautiful hotshot rig! (hope the customers aren’t far behind though!)

  2. Thanks!
    Joe, I hope so too!
    Kath, that’s funny since all I can see outside are all of the leaves I haven’t raked up from last fall… guess I better get on that so I can find the truck when I do get a job!

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