Breaking News…

Well, I just printed out my e-copy of my motor carrier authority!


And now I have yet another delay…  but not on their end.  On mine.

The truck had 2 recall repairs that needed to be made, so last week I took it down to the Dodge house and they ordered in the parts.  Only problem is they never called me when they did get the parts, so now I’m scrambling to get the truck back in today to get the repairs finished.

And I have to come back after that’s finished, hook up to the trailer, and haul it down for my DOT annual inspection.

Having said that, I’m pretty much ecstatic!  These things are both minor, and within my control and should be dealt with today, making me free to post my truck for loads on Monday.  And get around to shippers nearby to solicit for some direct business.

Woohoo!  I’m official!


5 thoughts on “Breaking News…

  1. You’ll get her done. BTW, test drive a Ram 1500 at a private invite, awesome ergonomics and sound system! Can’t buy one right now but “! want one”!
    Have a great weekend Sue.

    • Oh, yep, I sure will! I’m on the home stretch now and it feels pretty good!

      You gotta watch out for those darned test drives, they’ll get you in trouble! 😀

      Have a great weekend yourself!

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