Almost to That Elusive Finish Line…

Sheesh.  I’m so darned close to being official…

Just waiting on the actual paper license to get here, which hopefully will be soon.

My name updates and insurance finally posted.  All of the hoops have been jumped through, all of the paperwork has been done and accepted, and according to the last person at FMCSA I spoke with, I’m golden once that paper is in my hand.

Now I have a couple of things that have to be done before I can actually take a load.  The truck recall repairs are stalled out (pun intended) while the local Dodge house gets parts.  And due to the nature of the recall, I’m not taking it out loaded until they’re done.

Apparently there is a problem with the tie rod connectors that could cause a failure, which would not be good with a load on, so that has to be finished.

And I have to get out to get the whole rig inspected by a DOT qualified mechanic.

So with those two things left to do, in the meanwhile I’ve been keeping an eye on the FMCSA site and waiting for my approved authority to post.  Which it hasn’t yet, which is another problem as anyone I want to solicit as a client will look there to see what my standing is.  So while they say I’m good to go, I’m not so much until that site updates.

I’m noticing a pattern there though, and it seems that things do update in 2-3 days after the paperwork is accepted.  So hopefully that will be updated in the next day or two since my insurance finally got posted yesterday.

Oh, the devil is definitely in the details…

So right now I’m still in a holding pattern but not wasting time, I’m looking into local companies who might make good clients.  I have about fifteen on my list, and once everything is all posted, signed, sealed, and delivered, I’m going to stock up on fresh doughnuts and go visit them all with my flyers and see if I can score some points for getting local hot shot loads.

Food usually works.

Back in the day when I had my surveying company I had special chocolate mints made up with my company logo on the wrapper.  (I worked with the brother of the guy who owned Stephanie’s Chocolate and got a sweet deal ((Pun also intended)) on the price of 1000 mints.)  I took decorative jars and filled them up, then went around to my potential clients with those and flyers and actually drummed up some good business that way.

It will work again, I’m certain of it.  People like people who bring them goodies.  I know I do…

So that’s where I’m at today.  Almost darned well there………….


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